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going to school high? ;)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zackbmx, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. i know theres probably another thread about this just wanted to make my own :)

    thoughs and opinions of gettin high before school starts? :)
    was thinkin about this friday to try it :) :hello::smoke:
  2. I usually make edibles and eat them before I leave for school. Then it's like a game to see how long they take to kick in. Just that feeling of knowing what's coming makes you feel good.
  3. It's fun, but you need to know what you're doing, walking around some schools high is just as bad as swimming in the ocean and playing catch with fish heads.
  4. There is a time and place to get high. School is neither.

    Be responsible with the herb and you'll have a happy and successful life.
  5. I concentrated a lot less when I was high in school as a youngin'. Being baked isn't the greatest mindset to be in whilst learning, at least in my opinion.
  6. I do it all the time. Just be cool. No one expects you to be high unless you give them a reason too. But I recommend not smoking a heavy amount because school is a major buzzkill. Just don't be too blazed. :smoke:
  7. If you go to a ghetto school where nobody cares about your education go ahead.
  8. They dont call it High School for nothing.
  9. To everyone saying "don't get high at school", you have a good point, but look at it this way. Right now it's second semester. If OP is in high school (and here within the rules), he's a second semester senior. If he's going to a college, he's applied to them by now. If he isn't, he isn't. There really isn't much necessity to concentrate on school right now in either situation, especially for one day.

    If OP is in college, he doesn't even have to go to class at all, so it's not that horrible if he goes to class high.

    Not trying to advocate irresponsibility, but really, it's not as irresponsible as it might seem at first if you think about it.
  10. If you have a tolerance, go for it. If not, you might get too high for school.

  11. I think not going to class at all shows the same level of irresponsibility. But if the OP doesn't care that much about his education, that's fine.
  12. Ya don't get too high cuz if u walk around trippin hard then youll prolly get caught. just get a nice buzz i guess
  13. I go to school high almost everyday, I usually just smoke a bowl/bong or few one hitters put in some drops spray some cologne and go. Ive been doing this regularly for about a year and a half and have never really had any problems besides starving until lunch when i forget to bring a snack :p. I go to a fairly small school, i think my graduating class has like 180 kids in it this year. I know a few of my teachers know but they never give me problems because i always pull good grades. So just keep your shit straight and make sure you get your stuff done and you shouldnt have a problem :smoke:
  14. I don't really see your logic. If he's going high, at least he's there. Not everyone gets high and stares at the wall for 3 hours. I know people who took AP classes buzzed at least once a week in high school and passed with flying colors. You're kind of stereotyping there.
  15. lol right now im in APBIO (geared towards premed) and I get high everyday right befor that class and I was just informed today that I recieved the highest grade on the final out of my class. I think my gpa is like a 93ish. I also passed APUSH last year also being high for most of it.:D
  16. ^ buzzkill, being high at school is awesome
  17. I agree.

    I think it depends on your weed/high. My dealer doesn't really use official names like OG Kush or Sour Diesel (though I just copped some sour :smoke::smoke:) instead he uses names like "School Bud" "Work Bud" "Chill Bud" etc. It gets more detailed. :)

    I smoke that school kush 3 or 4 times a week and I'm passing with flying colors. ;)
  18. Life is a buzzkill. I didn't expect kids to listen to my advice. Been there done that and all.
  19. It's as simple as if you can hold your shit together high. If you can function high (not acting stupid and are actually able to do school work) - then sure, why not?

    Just don't try to turn school into a playground where you don't get anything done. Best advice.
  20. Although I can't say from experience-considering I was high a good amount of high school-I would recommend not being high for school. You can wait until you get home to smoke a bowl, if not... then you have a drug problem.

    That being said, it allows some people to focus more so if you're one of those types, where it actually helps you... then I can't knock your decision. Just know that getting high should be a very LOW priority for you, and getting good grades should be a very high one.

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