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Going to School High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skatethebowls, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. How many of you do this?

    I vote yes!
  2. I never used to, then i did all the time (almost every day) now im not doing it again. \i work better sober.

  3. University courses or bullshit high school?

    High school sure.

    University no. Wait until you're home/in your dorm.

    My 2c.
  4. I learn better, and pay far more attention when I have a few rips in my system than not. Although, there is a point where too much pot smoke can create problems in a learning enviornment ;p
  5. Almost everyday, makes school go by a lot quicker, and it makes school more interesting.
  6. i use to sometimes in high school
  7. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well sorta kinda mabey defidently YES!
  8. most the time i do, it helps me to concentrate and my grades improve.
  9. i only did during my finals haha. i felt like i did really good on my spanish final and i was really proud of myself. turns out i got a F haha. wasnt too much of a suprise. learning a different languare is just retardedly hard
  10. I have a question i havn't tried it yet, im planning on trying it really soon ive gone once when I had a early toke. about hour in half later i went to school didnt fell high for long wasnt bad a bit fun, but I was woundering do other people often notice you? Saying you put eye drops in.
  11. Used to in high school, stopped once I got to college.
  12. like other have said, I used to in high school sometimes. Usually at lunch, sometimes in the morning.
  13. In the past, I would have said, "Go to school high", but I did go back another semester after my senior year, so... now I say, don't.
  14. sometimes to my bullshit classes

    we had one class i found really interesting and we wathced a lot of movies and i would always go to the movies high
  15. Im also wondering about going high tomorrow. just smoke one small bowl like n hour and a half before i need to leave... running start though, college classes...
  16. haha yea i used to...the only reason i dont now is cuz im broke as shit
    the first time, i walked into breakfast nd all of my friends were like " dude ur eyes look like a fuckin firetruck" luckly sum1 had eyedrops
    I recomend it.
  17. Not gunna recomend this to everyone but I blaze from roughly 8:30am till about 2am then repeat the process monday through thursday and I still have a 3.0?:smoke::smoke: I honestly think its better at school...i actually do work when im high:confused:
  18. Pretty much throughout all 4 years of Highschool I was high as fuckkkk
  19. no i am to much of a pussy. to me its not worth it, id rather wait until i get home.
  20. When I was in school , oh so many years ago, I felt my studies were more important than getting high. I guess it depends on how your grades are and where your priorities lie.

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