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Going to school high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jfac030, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Is it ok to go to school high? I don't want to go to school high and start trippen out and them finding out I'm high! I need help to post back asap!
  2. From the way you speak it sounds like you would get caught.

    You can do it the right way and use visine and spray yourself down with axe or something.

    You probably have a low tolerance so don't go so high that you fall asleep in school...and do

    your work!

    I go to class high everyday....and if this makes no sense at all......i dont no then.........
  3. Been there done that. Just get some visine eye drops from the gas station. Just try not actin a fool in front of your teachers. ALTHOUGH i do not encourage you to go to school high as education is important and now and days your attention level in school needs to be high.....not high lol
  4. i go to school high most days. it just makes the day more fun and go by way faster. just dont think about it and dont do any extremely weird shit and you should be good. most people wont expect you to be high. i think you can pull it off as long as you can handle your shit. and only smoke a bowl or so. you dont wanna be completely blitzed.
  5. As long as you don't smell like bud you should be ok. Avoid answering out loud if you're nervous.
  6. If you go to school high, Dont tell anyone your high, try not to laugh, just sit there and chill.
  7. Why do you think they call it high school? I get high before school all the time, but I have been smoking daily for quite a while so I know how to control myself. If this is like the 3rd time you're getting high, I wouldn't do it.

    Practice acting calm and collect in front of some people at a store while high or something if you want.
  8. If you have to ask then you'll probably be sketching out. It's all how you carry yourself. Your eyes can be red as fuck but if you look confident in your sobriety and retain normal social graces when stoned then there is no limit to what you can do high. Just don't get all dodgy and giggly and shit.
  9. I do most days, just not extremely high. Always have eyedrops as red eyes are the biggest giveaway, and keep some smell-good on you.
    People aren't expecting you to be high, so if you don't look high you should be fine. Make sure you have SOME tolerance to weed though.
  10. i see this post every day. i go to school stoned every day without eye drops and nobody says anything. unless your friends arent used to u coming in blazed then they'll be like you stoned?? no principles will stop you though.
  11. going to school high is the best, it just takes the boring out of it. too bad i could never be stoned throught the whole school day :(
  12. what grade u in
  13. just get to a high you can control, dont smoke until everything around you changes colour and walks away, that will not end well, i was high mostly every day in highschool, and it was apparently only noticible once in class, but it was my guitar class and my teacher was a hippie, so he didnt care, other people were saying stuff like obviously implying that im baked, but nothing bad happened, this will not work if your teachers are horrible narcs.
  14. not a good idea.
  15. I go to school every single day baked out of my gourd and have never been caught. As long as you use a bowl or one hitter you wont smell that much. If its a blunt or j, then your gonna smell like straight resin. DO NOT douse yourself in cologne or axe or anything of the sort. If someone comes in looking even slightly fucked up and they smell like cologne, then the teacher is gonna know something is up. Use some rhotos and you wont look messed up either. If you can, try to chew some gum to make ur breath smell fine.
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    it depends on where you live and the percentage of faculty that do it themselves. The're not gonna rat on you in the morning so you can rat on them at lunch ya know. High School was fun and i am surprised i remember. Beleave it or not smoke sticks to your hands and makes them reak so wash your hands when you go in and pop that mint and you're good. Oh and make sure you don't have any evidence on you or in your car. (needless to say not your locker)
  17. As long as you have no bud lighter or anything on you then you shouldnt worry because then they would need you to admit your high to actually do anything ... They cant just say youR high... Well they can but cant do anything about it.. Well atlesst not at my school
  18. used todo it everyday and the whole class knew i'm fucked up and they don't do shit. If your new to smoking don't even think about it.:smoke:
  19. I do it about everyday just be smary sometimes thoug i do start trippin out and have a shit ton of anxiety but overall its nice.
  20. Dude, I go to school high every fuckin day.
    And smoke at lunch.
    Just be cool and its good to go.
    If its one day say you didn't sleep well your sick and that you took some day quil.

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