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Going to school high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SaskKush, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. So I wat to try going to school high but I feel like it would be very sketchy. I've only smoked maybe 20 times. Usually only like 1-3 times every two weeks. Any opinions on going to school baked? Any tips or suggestions?
  2. Sit down, Dont look at anyone, easy ?
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  3. I go into school baked everyday. Just put in eye drops, don't have anything(illegal) on you, and keep your cool.
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  4. OP honestly i think you would be really uncomfortable if you arent used to smoking
  5. quick question to add to the thread, if you have nothing on you and your eyes are white but for some reason they suspect you of being high (being tired, delayed, etc.), can they do anything?
  6. no, not if you dont have anything on you or in your car
  7. lol i went to school baked everyday 7th 8th and before i dropped outa freshman not joking everyday first of all eyedrops second of all you might feel a little out of place like everyones lookin at you or your in jail you might get embarassed but its in your head thirdly you sound inexperience i smoked everyday in 6th grade but i was homeschooled so i was baked but it didnt matter cuz i was in my room and noone knew id say you should test your high at home are you at the point where you can control your high cuz you dont want to hear something remotely funny in class and you cant stop laughing this is wy eyedrops are important but just make sure you can control your high youll feel a little tweaky at first but i used to love that feeling really just act normal and use eyedrops and dont tell anyone you cant trust i might have ranted but who the fuck cares

  8. I honestly end up sleeping through most classes or getting super paranoid when i wake and bake before school hahaha. i'd say once a month is good for me, maybe.
  9. I would eat a 2 dose edible before school everyday when I was in high school.
    Do it.
    Just say you have allergies and fake a sneeze or two and just look sick.
    Its comfy as shit. :)
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  10. Go for it! Just be yourself. Don't do anything you usually don't do.
  11. I had friends in high school that had urine collected in the middle of school... Of course they all were doing serious drugs at the time.

    Usually no one cares or notices.

    Keep your eyes white, keep yourself smelling nice and don't fall asleep.

    Be safe, have fun, and do well in school because college is worth the stress in high school.

  12. just curious, what happened to your friends if they got caught? because they cant prove that they were high that day. would they just call their parents? i didnt hear of that when i was in high school.
  13. it depends on how strict your school is they will most likely call your parents but if your school is really strict they will have another school in the school for "bad kids" just get a little more experienced if you want to do this create a little mor control over your high
  14. Friends caught with weed and other drugs in school got fucked pretty hard. But to get caught you needed to be really dumb or really reckless.

    Friends that didn't have things on them when they were high in class usually did well enough. If teachers didn't want to deal with them high they got sent to the nurse. No big deal really. I went to a public school though, so most of the student body was high.

    Don't be a dick about it and you'll be good.
  15. I just did the same thing as always. Sit in complete silence and zone out during English every morning. Fun shit.
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    No one will know you're high unless you behave out of the ordinary. If you think they know, I can almost guarantee its just your own paranoia. Even if they do "know" you're on something, there is nothing they can do to prove it. A public school can't force you to take a drug test, they can't search you unless they have probable cause. You "looking high" is not probable cause. No matter what, its not a good idea to admit you are high. Do not give them any reason to search you or harass you.

    If you admit you're high, that will open a whole other door leading to a bunch of bullshit interrogation. "Do you have any weed on you?" "Where did you get it from?" "Who sold you it?" You do NOT want to deal with that shit. The police are not your friend, they are not there to help you (unless you're being harmed, or need help) in this kind of scenario, they are there to find the source who sold you the weed.
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  17. I went to high school high everyday but I don't recommend it. I would absorb that shit, save getting high for after school or when you have a half day or something
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  18. I went to school high just yesterday. I always go high to school every other Wednesday cus we start an hour later so the periods are also shorter.Nd its actually perfect for me since my first period teacher doesn't teach on those Wednesdays just let's u do ur own shit.

    As for advice I'd say to try to avoid eye contact with officials (Supervisors,Probation,Principal,etc.) Since theres a chance you'll be paranoid nd ignoring them helps alot. Nd also try to keep your eyes at a good level. My eyes are usually low so everyone in my school usually thinks I'm blown regardless

  19. If you think about it it is not the worth it. you risk a lot and it is not that fun. You want to enjoy your high sitting at home or at a friends house
  20. Deff don't go in stinkin, air out, if you insist on blazing blaze just a lil cuz what seems like not enough can actually be too much sitting in class when the teacher calls on you

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