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Going to school class baked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by green collar, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. latley I have been going to class baked, not just baked but smelling of weed cause I smoke 2+ bowls right before class in my car and go into class reaking of bud! A few people have actually said comments before. Am I making a bad reputation for my self?
    Can anyone else relate?
  2. school class.... hahahaha that made me laugh

    you stoner!
  3. hahaha, I saw that right after I posted it and was just like god damn it...
    Then took another hit.hahaha:D
  4. naw u should be good bro
  5. did that for the first time yesterday, school was actually interesting. every aspect of school/people was "visible". try to find a place close to school to smoke. if you smoke in your car, you will cause the smoke to "attach" to your clothes. if you go outside, the smoke will go into the air, and you will not smell as bad. i would try to do it once a week at most. i only smoke every second/third weekend, so being high is very special. if you go to school high often, it will just become ordinary and boring. also, people will get used to you being "The Stoner". "Normal" people would not want to get to know you/hang out with you, because they assume that all you do is smoke pot.
  6. Probably not the best idea smelling like weed in your class. A kid did that in one of my classes last year, and the teacher called security and they searched him. He had nothing on him, but why put yourself in that risk? Just smoke outside or take a walk after smoking or something. Who the fuck cares if it ruins your reputation, do what you want. Just TRY to be lowkey. If a class constantly smells like skunk, I'm sure classmates are gonna start to get pissed.
  7. I woudlnt want to smell like it.... thing of the ladies
  8. Do you bro. If you smell like weed oh well. Personally I dont go to class if I reek or it. Old spice ftw.
  9. Smoking outside is not an option for the new few months where I live and The program I am in had no ladies..NONE!(fml) but Im thinking some sort of spray or something to cover the smell, GodGaveUsWeed has me scared now! Fuck getting searched.
  10. Fucking i do this all time, dont give a fuck what people think
  11. i go to my college classes baked as hell all the time. Makes it very interesting if the subject is boring and its just more fun
  12. Yea fuck what my all dude class mates think, im just worried what my teacher thinks and other faculty really.
  13. It's your reputation. You do what you want with it. There's a lot of ignorant people out there who will judge marijuana and your usage of it without knowing the facts. It's up to you to decide whether or not you value their opinions.
  14. in high school i went to class baked all the time. i would smoke a blunt and 10 mins later go to class high as shit. I reeked obviously, i did this everyday and never once did anything happen other than a couple people sayin they smelled it.
  15. Don't get me wrong guys. I ride my bike to college baked daily. But I use drops mints etc
  16. i go to class high every day. me and a friend or 2 everyday at lunch, just pop some gum and eyedrops and wash your hands and use hand sanitizer and a couple little squirts of addidas body spary and your good.
  17. How do you stink with a pipe? I hit my bong alot of times before class and no one can notice a thing. There's no contact between your skin and the smoke, just inhale, don't hotbox, don't leave a cherry and blow it out the window of your car. Should be able to walk into class without dropping any sort of hint.
  18. I've done an exam high, hehehehe
  19. i go high but people mention it i ignore one kid suppose be a friend says shit i just walk away from him and make him look stupid for complaining to himself

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