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Going to school baked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cmansour17, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. hahahah reminds me of when i got blazed at school right before a test for a dare. it was a maths test and i got stoned in the bushes behind the school, when i went in for the test everyone could tell i was stoned and kept lookin at me like what a fuckwit he is, anyway spent the next hour or so drawing pictures on the back of my test, i figured i was gonna fail maths anyway so fuck it.
  2. stoner's mentality. Keepin it true!:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  3. i once went to school baked on many occasions, on one of those before the finals dead week in high school. All we would do in all my classes is watch videos in complete darkness to kill the time. i would smoke two bowls of dankness and take two tylenol simply sleeps(dyphahendramine shit, whatever im high), and load my backpack with schwagg brownies and monster drinks. And in every class period I would sit next to the sexiest girl in class and just trip my ass off. I would giggle and chuckle as quietly as I possibly could. We would watch the weirdest shit. In social studies we watch this movie about the history of gender relations, and in the beginning of the film, it showed cave men pimping the shit out of cave women. The pimping cavemen were black and the women were white, and every time the cavemen fought the black ones would loose. and one got kicked out of the tribe. I was fucking rolling. It was so messed up. Every time the period bell would ring, it would scare the shit out of me. I would be so damn high and walk around getting my year book signed and shit. Those were the days man. In chemistry we would always watch bill nye, that show was just incredible, my first inspiration to major in biochemistry. I live in Texas, so in the summer time the girls would come to school at the end of the year in the sexiest shit, and I would be chill as fuck just enjoying the scenerary. And then on the way home, I would sit in the back of the bus and just swing with it on every turn. I would be so dead tired when i got home, and then my girl would come over and smoke up all my shit. But I'm in college now, and shit is all fucking serious, but im doing pretty good and chilling on the weekends.
  4. I'm gonna have to say don't do it. School is a place to learn and be academic. Plus I get out at 12:30 everyday so I don't have a problem waiting at all. The couple of times I have done it however, I felt kind of paranoid, and I don't want to smoke to be paranoid so I just wait until lunch. Saves weed too =]
  5. in high school its amazing

    in college its a little hard to learn sometimes in harder classes
  6. Dude you totally should!! I used to do it all the time in school and it was great.
  7. goin hi to school is the best thing ever as long as u know how to chill on ur high and are not trippin out u can still get work done and focus. i wouldnt get to high tho cuz there would be some days wen i did go overboard and would be zonin out drawin pictures and shit all class and my teachers would notice and call on me all fuckin class
  8. I've been smoking and going to school since I was a junior in high school.. I'm now a sophomore in college and still doing it (but not as much.) my GPA is a 3.8 ..goes to show smoking weed before school is definitely do-able. It just depends on how you handle your high.. nobody can say shit to me either because it hasn't had a negative effect & they can't prove to me why it's wrong for me to do it. mwuhaha. It's only the immature dicks that ruin it for the rest of us & make it look 'bad'.
  9. School is for getting an education and bettering yourself. Sure there are people on here who say they can smoke and still keep up their grades, but they are in the minority. There's plenty of time to smoke after school.
  10. I've been to school high a couple times. For me, its pretty boring. Since I don't like school, I just feel really tired and hungry. Plus, everyone can tell when I'm blazed, not a good thing since alot of my friends are squares that see smoking as "scandalous" lol.
  11. I smoke before going to school about everyday at my bus stop...It basically goes i take down my homework before every class either sleep if its something like taking notes or if its photo i just fuck things up :smoking:
    And bout getting caught just take normal precautions make sure you dont smell, eyes are good, and overall just dont be a dumbass and no one will go threw the time and effort too see if your high oh and i smoke a j every morning so i dont go with any bud or piece on me.

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