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Going to school baked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cmansour17, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. So I've been tokin for about a year now and I have yet to try going to school blazed.
    I always see my stoner friends do it and consider if I should or not.

    Knowing how I am when I'm high definitely is saying no, how obvious it is is definitely saying no, but how badly I want to is saying yes, and how many other people do it is saying yes.

    WHAT DO I DO?:smoking:
  2. just do it! but don't get ridiculously stoned, because you'll probably give it away.

    do it in a chill class, not one that requires a lot of work being done.
  3. if ur still acting wild when your high you definetly should wait till ur tolerance is higher.. so u can still be smacked but cool...
  4. As someone who likes to enjoy cannabis responsibly - I wish you wouldn't.

    I don't mean to get down on you, and I definitely think there are plenty of fun activities to undertake while high, and school might even be more enjoyable for you after blazing...


    I really enjoy smoking, as I'm sure you do too (hence why we're both here). Yet this activity we enjoy causes us to be stereotyped negatively. The idea of the "lazy stoner" is entirely too pervasive in our society. By smoking up before going to school (an activity which you cannot possibly devote your full attention or effort to while high) you are simply helping to further that stereotype: people who smoke pot are irresponsible - look they can't even go to school sober.

    In all likelihood there will be no negative consequences for you personally, the day will probably even go by faster and be fun in many ways. But in a different way there will be a consequence for all of us - because of the image it helps to solidify in the minds of those who do not understand marijuana.
  5. As I am in my Senior year, I have been going to school baked for the past 7 weeks stoned for the whole day. I still have my grades, As and Bs, but the only problem I have faced is that even though getting stoned doesn't effect grades like me it just makes you forget everything you did. Like for me I got grades, but I don't remember how I got them just that tests, homework, class and 7 weeks of school feel like 3 weeks when you get stoned everyday.

    So I'm just saying if you want you should its really fun! but if you don't you won't miss much, unless your like me and can't got to class sober because you hate your teacher so much you want to kill her, then going to class stoned will make it tolerable so you won't make a scene.
  6. alright, i think im gonna go for it
  7. #7 blothatdro, Sep 27, 2009
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    I went to school stoned literally EVERY day of my sophomore year in high school. For me it was always way more awkward than it was fun, it just kind of helped pass the time. I would definitely make sure you're not coma-stoned as you would probably be caught and up here that means arrest and expulsion. While I know it wasn't the best idea I definitely would do it all again, biology was much more interesting.

    EDIT: I completely agree with Libertarian, it just perpetuates the stereotype. I didn't do shit when i went to school high.
  8. Dont do it. DONT risk it. you get caught they search you. and everything you have including your car. if anything is found fines are double because your in a school.

    Why risk being caught and charged and probation. and everything. If you cant control your self high. dont attempt school.
  9. #9 RepentYeNbelievethegospel, Sep 27, 2009
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2009
    I see people do it, i even see people getting drunk IN school.
    But do I do it? No. I dont need to conform, i dont smoke everyday anymore either. so i have no tolerence. When i did, though, i had done it a few times but the thing is once you come down you feel tired and dont want to do work.
    I wouldnt if i were you, its not worth it to me. Do your work, and then you will feel that much better when you return home to a nice bowl/joint/whatever.

    In reality its a waste of weed and will cost you, literally, in the future because doing so will make your tolerence Skyrocket, requiring more weed. And weed is expensive now a days.
  10. Smoking before school is straight but don't bring any shit with you if you might get caught
  11. about 4 months after i started smoking back in my second year of 8th grade i skipped first hour and went to second hour just BLOWED. And my second hour was a computers class and I sat right next to my girlfriend. And the funny thing is, she wasn't too happy when I smoked since I did it a lot back in the 8th grade and we had broken up the day before that, and then got back together when I was blowed, and she didnt even know it. I got a lot of comments on my red eyes though haha. it was so fun, gotta try it again sometime. thats the only time i've ever been to school high.. ahh I miss those days.
  12. that was deep. I love you.
  13. I did this a lot.

    Its not worth it, you don't enjoy the buzz as much as you would if you were home chilling on the couch or something, plus you get mad paranoid about being caught.

    Lots of people seem to like it though, I say you try it out just to see if its something you like.
  14. yea its true you shouldnt do it alot cuz the first time i did it my prof asked me what it did this morning so i guess he was implying...but he's cool...but you have to experince it at least once for yourself.
  15. ya man i did this all the time. If u can keep your shit together then go for it, its sick
  16. dude its doing shit like that, that makes marijuana illegal in many states. stupid kids go to school blazed, get bad grades, and make weed look bad. weed should be a privilege, that u smoke responsibly.
  17. My first time going to school baked was about four days ago and it was awsome. to me it seems like i acctualy pay attention more while feeling the high. so my grades are perfectly fine i just recommend not missing to much school cuz getting behind sucks ass. going to school blazed gets addicting because its just that awsome i say definetly do it soon for anyone who hasnt...and is still in school:smoking:
  18. dude i did the pretty much the entire first two weeks of school high, mostly after lunch because i just had one class, art. but you get really paranoid the first few times.

    if you do or did i hope you bring rhoto.

    art is really chill stoned tho, i have it with like three other friends and we take turns smokin each other up.

    and my grades stayed fine, if your grades start to drop, quit going to school stoned
  19. i have done it before but its sketchy. Make sure your tolerance is high before you do. Also try going to an important activity first to prepare. You dont want to think you are fine and get to school and regret it and try to get out. (not fun :()
  20. Do it man!! I remembed I skipped lunch almost every day and got fucking blazed with 2 of my buddies. The next 2 hours always made our day :D. But you have to make sure youre comfortable with doing it around your peers, especially since you may get judged by others, which hopefully wont phase you. I remember every other kid in class knew and they loved it!

    Have fun man, report back to us :wave:

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