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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PunchingZebra, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. hey gc just thought id'e let you in that i'm going to the national guard recruiter's office tomorrow to be inlisted. My plan's are to do that until i can get transferred into the army with a higher rank in infantry. So i won't be on much at all probably here soon. So yea that's it just wanted to share!
  2. Obviously it sounds like you know what you want and know what your doing.
    So good luck man, and if you do enlist, thanks for your service.
  3. Thank you! and yeah it's what iv'e wanted to do for a long time. I never really did good in school so this will help me get a better life for me and eventually wife and kid's. I'm willing to serve and die for this country as it's been great to me.
  4. Another win. May I thank you in advance for your service, and might I welcome you into the family of those that went green. Hooah!
  5. sounds good.
    just make sure you are clean when you go, they'll test you at MEPS and first thing when you get to Boot Camp

  6. Oh i know iv'e been clean for 3 month's beside's booze hahhahaha.
  7. Thank you.
  8. Congrats man and good luck

    I have a question for those who have considered enlisting/have served before: I have a current medical marijuana recommendation, and was wondering, is that something that will come back to bite me in the ass as far as enlisting goes? I've always considered enlisting in the military, just never pulled the trigger on joining. Been to a few different recruiters.

    I would of course remain drug free during the enlistment process and during the 4 year enlistment term. I've read that they don't really go deeper then "have you ever smoked marijuana?" and a drug test, and most people just lie about their usage and take a clean piss test... but I'm wondering if maybe the information that I have a medical marijuana recommendation may pop up on some super Federal background check.

    If anyone has any experience and can shed some light, it would be appreciated.

    No thread jack brah.
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    I served and then got out and got my mmj card.

    Unofficially, if you say it didn't happen it didn't happen.

    But I dont know if your card will pop up. I hope not.

    Either way, good luck. And if you join, thanks for your service bro
  11. Yeah I've heard that it's usually as simple as saying "no" and passing the piss test, some of my old smoking friends of the past have got in... but I'm sure I must be in some sort of database that the Federal Government has access to. Haha.

    What would suck even worse is to get through the enlistment process alright, and have that pop up a few years down the road. I'm sure the punishment would be discharged, regardless of whether or not I'm clean while in the service.

    Anyways, you from Rancho Cordova near Sacramento brah? If so, we should burn some time.
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    Did you know the walmart off Folsom is the lesbian hotspot of Rancho? Look around when you go, there's a few big girls walking around with buzzcuts.
  13. 1: You have never touched any illegal substances
    2: You have never had severe injuries.

    Good luck man, don't sign unless you are guaranteed the job you want.

  14. Thank you and yes it's what i want to do. Not to get too deep but i would rather risk life for something then risk life for nothing.
  15. Good luck man and for future reference, be safe. :)
  16. good luck man!!! comwe back tell us what happens
  17. Well just got back from recruiter's office and i'm leaving next thursday and going up to St. Louis for some testing and physical's then ill go into active duty :).
  18. Training is considered active duty?
  19. serve safely. I hate recruiters, they go off a point system and they care about nothing else but getting everyone who comes thru that door to sign up. they wont let u leave without giving out ur info.
  20. Good luck man. Thank you and enjoy the guard
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