Going to NYC from Toronto and wanna bring my dank...

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  1. Going down to NYC for a few days and I`d love to bring a couple g`s of my dank. So I thought of a couple great ideas. Tell me what you think. I`ll be taking the bus or I might be driving so let`s consider both scenarios.

    1) Open up the 12 mini-screws on my laptop and put the bud on the fan in the computer. I doubt they`ll screw open my computer and this will keep it safe if they ask to turn it on.

    1) Put the bud in my gaming console and if they ask for some reason to open it, I`ll claim opening the console voids the warranty. :smoke:

    2) Put it in a bottle of shampoo with the shampoo remaining

    3) Fuck smoking and bring edibles to reduce all risks.

    I`d be quadruple bagging the bud and drying it out first to reduce smell in all scenarios
  2. Edibles sounds like the best idea from those.
  3. Any decent head shop should have very convenient and convincing "stash safes". Mine has containers that look like Comet, Coke, Febreeze, Deodorant...shit I can't even remember what all they have.
    They're like ten bucks, and incredibly clever in how they hide the false seems/bottoms. They even have the substance they look like in them for realz! Anyone asks to look at your [whatever, lets say deodorant] in your bag, you hand it to them, they take the lid off, see and smell deodorant, and hand it back with your stash unmolested.
    I wouldn't even know if I were just looking at them. Probably couldn't tell them from the real thing.
  4. Risk VS reward on bringing bud across an international border is astronomically weighted to "risk."

    I would advise this plan:

    1) Get baked before going across border
    2) Obtain new dank in NYC
    3) Avoid all risk of a cellmate named "Big Bubba"
  5. crack/gooch/nut it
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    Sounds rediculous for a couple days, leave your bud, don't risk it, and get blasted when you get back to tha T.
  7. The shampoo idea sounds real nasty....and yeah your best bet is edibles, u can score some decent ganja in NY ask some friends from there
  8. Oh man, #1 is a definite no for me. No way I'd wanna deal with crossing over a US border while high.

    I'm probably just gonna go without any bud on second thought. A break is needed anyways lol
  9. they dont check shit. ive had it in my pocket in my cig box when crossing the border

    hide it in your laptop/xbox as you mentioned. they wont check shit
  10. Game console. Stuff it all in there. Or just buy some in NY?

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