Going to My First Concert

Discussion in 'General' started by FL Chronic, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Im going to a Wide Spread Panic Concert this friday and It will be my First Concert.Anyone have any tips or something like that?Im a little nervous for some reason lol
  2. Have fun, pour drinks on women, etc.
  3. Congratz, concerts are an amazing experience. Enjoy it.
  4. leave anything you dont need in the car and remember where you parked. get drunk before had if you can cause drinks are goign to be like $8 for a beer. if you plan on sneaking weed in its best to preroll it into joints before hand or sneak in a very small pipe. Have fun though concerts are soo much fun and they become addicting to go to. Im seeign Pepper in concert on thursday and i cant wait :)
  5. Joints only. Glass is what gets you busted.
  6. Good choice for a first concert.

    I expect you to get addicted like I am.
  7. If you Mosh, be careful. Had a lot of friends lose teeth and break bones when I was a teenager.

    Get high at the concert, for sure. Don't smoke before the concert though, so you get a good feel of the concert atmosphere, before getting baked and having an awesome time.

    I was baked at my first concert, and it was absolutely amazing.
  8. Mosh your fucking face off and get so blasted you dont know where the fuck you are and your legs wont work.
  9. do drugs; have fun man. just be safe
  10. :laughing:

    I don't think there'll be any pits at a widespread panic show.

    Blaze before, during, after - doesn't matter. It'll be a really chill atmosphere at that show.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ilvy1tT-HI]YouTube - Love Tractor - Widespread Panic (Rothbury 2008)[/ame]
  11. I've seen WSP a few times. It's always funny cause all I can smell when I'm at a show is weed, patchouli, and stale sweat.

    Have fun man! You'll love it.
  12. :laughing:

    Sounds exactly like the Dark Star show I saw on Saturday. Overwhelming smell of patchouli.
  13. Widespead Panic should be an awesome introduction into the world of live music! Have a blast :D

    Sneak a couple of joints in your waistband or sock and smoke up freely when inside the venue! I'm sure everyone will be blazing there.
  14. Ha I don't know man, sick 2-step beats in there. :D
  15. WSP puts on a really good, chill show. The first time I saw them, there was a guy in front of us having the best time of his life without a doubt. Both him and my group were definitely on the same substance. He would jump up from his blanket, dance around with a spray bottle spraying every where then hit the ground and stare blissfully at the stage.

    It was an epic 4.5 hour show, but my sense of time wasn't quite there anyway.

    Have a great time, live music is wonderful.
  16. pepper? the guys who sound like sublime?

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