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Going to make making an edible for first time

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mid man, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. I am going to be making weed hot chocolate, it's going to be my first edible!
    My plan is to use .5g of some mid to a cup of water and whole milk and add in some butter and let it heat for 15-20 mins
    Do you think this will be enough to get me high? 

  2. I would decarbe the weed first.

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  3. thats what heating it in milk and butter for 15-20 mins is 
  4. How high are you going to heat your milk up to?
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    simmer, going to let it get hot
  6. grind it up, put it in a sealed foil pouch and run it throught the oven at 240f for 30 mins. it will be a lot stonger then if you were to do both steps in the milk
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    Do I put it in butter? Or just straight bud in aluminum foil? 
    Because I didn't get high with my method (that I saw on multiple websites)
    I used 1 cup of water and 1 cup of whole milk (12% fat) and 1.5 table spoons of stick butter (18% fat) 
    I heated the mixture for 17 minutes, for about 10-13 minute it was steaming with just slightly a little bit of boiling
    The only effects I felt was being just a little bit more relaxed but that could just be placebo 
  8. Yes just the bud in the foil.....

    Also if your putting butter into the hot chocolate. Why not just make a strong canna butter or canna milk/creamer.

    for canna butter guide go to page 17 on badkitty's cannapharm thread

    Also infusion time should be longer. I don't know by how much longer. But making canna oil in an oven at 220f is from 1-1/2hr to 2hr's

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