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Going to make cannabis oil for mom, help me out guys

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by gatorENT, Oct 12, 2014.

  1.  What's up everybody! My mom has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for about 15 years now, in the last 10 shes been confined to a wheelchair and can't move her legs really at all. Conventional drugs are just poison but she doesn't care because she just want's the pain to stop and I don't blame her. She's signed up for NJ's Medical Marijuana program but unfortunately NJ's program doesn't allow oil or edibles just bud, how god damn ridiculous is that! Smoking it does nothing but put her to bed faster it doesn't help the pain at all. I'm 18 and could go to jail for this but really don't give a shit because I need to help my mom. I need some tips on what grow box to buy, I'm a noob and couldn't tell you anything about it yet.
    I was looking at dealzer cash crop 4.0- 6 plant hydro ponics grow box, it has an option of "Hydroponics (6 plant)" and "Soil(2 plant)" which one should I choose and I need to go all organic so please give me some tips and recommendations on it guys I'm going to make Cannabis Oil but not with Naptha I'm going to use grain alchohol.

  2. grow boxes are hard to put up. i ripped apart mine just to get and just drilled the pipes and cut up the tent and hung with nails. gl
  3. I'm talking about the all in one ones bro they run for like $500+ not the tents

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