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Discussion in 'General' started by ihugtrees, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. yeah i'm going to jamaica as soon as my two friends can get their shit together, probably in 1 or 2 weeks we'll be leaving. we'll be flying into montego bay, and taking buses around the island for our 2 week stay. how much money do i need? and where can we get cheap tickets?
  2. I can't answer your questions, but dont worry about weed lol. My boss went down there a few years ago, and there were purple weed plants growing infront of his damn hotel. So herbage should be super easy to come by.

    For tickets just google "Cheap airplane tickets" and use travelosity or some shit to find the lowest price in the next 2 weeks. And google "Jamacia trip" to find stories of other people who have gone so you can get an idea how much cash you'll need
  3. envy....

    hope you have a great time though
  4. Damn i wish I could go there on vacation, i seen the show on G4 for 420 were they went to Jamaica the place looked sick!!
  5. even though the $ is low american $ is worth a lot there trust my sisters friend just got back from there but it aint all smiles out there either some parts are pretty run down and dangerous unless your at like a resort
  6. yeah i know all about jamaica, and what to do not to get robbed, and i know someone who's a farmer there so i'm not worried about ganj, and i know that 1 us dollar = 74 jamaican dollars. i just need to know how much money it would cost approximately.
  7. Yeah Jamaica is sick dude, be sure to hit up Negril
  8. look up a currency converter dude, i mean just bring 7 dollars, it would leave you with 518 jamaican dollars if you went to exchange it.
  9. Ahh im from jamaica, have fun my friend :)
  10. thanks for absolutely nothing. except the good wishes
  11. to anyone ELSE who wants to know about a 2 week trip to jamaica, it'd cost about 2 grand. or if you're a big fat shitty tourist, 5 grand
  12. Stay safe, Jamaica has one of the highest crime/homicide rates, weed is super easy to come by. I brought Hawaiian kush seeds back with me on a cruise that we took down there.

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