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  1. So I'm leaving to go to Jamaica tomorrow, and obviously I want to get something cool there (I'm thinking a colorful pipe or mini bong). Problem is, we are bringing all of our luggage as a carry on, and I'm pretty sure you can't take those on the plane with you. My friend's parents are going with us (I'm 18, she's 17 and doesn't do any illegal fun shit lol). So I will really only end up getting one if there is an opportunity where her parents aren't around and I can buy it and hide it. My question is, is there a really good/easy way to get that back to the US without them noticing? I'm considering mailing it to my house so that there is no chance for a problem at the airport. Any suggestions? And if I can manage to get one I will post a picture here so you guys can see it ^_^

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  2. I don't see how you could possibly get in any trouble for that unless it's packed with Marijuana. If not, you shouldn't even need to explain yourself. You could have just of easily bought it to smoke tobacco out of. You never know. (;

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  3. Just don't smoke out of it and you'll be fine bringing it home they'll know what it's for they're not dumb but you can easily play it off its not illegal

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  4. It's not illegal but I'd be hesitant bringing it back incase they do pull it out in front of your friends parents when your in customs.  I'd say mailing it home would be your best bet.

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