going to jamaica.....have questions

Discussion in 'General' started by rounder, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. sup fellas,

    i am going to jamaica in a couple weeks (negril) and i am pretty psyched about the ganja i will hopefully be smoking there.....but i have some reservations. my dad, who knows i smoke and is cool with me using marijuana, is pleading with me not to smoke down there. he claims that there's a billion undercovers who try to get you in jail by selling you weed, and that once you're in jail, you're pretty much fucked. another kid i know said they target americans for arrests and it's real shady down there. i tried to tell my dad that i'd only attempt to get it from people at my hotel (i'm staying at an all inclusive resort) and he still is really worried about me.

    what do i do? i keep hearing how jamaican ganja is some of the best shit on earth and im dying to get some, but i am hearing some scary thoughts about getting arrested/thrown in jail in a third world country. can anyone offer me some surefire safe advice on how to get weed there? if you guys were going, would there even be any hesitation on your part, or would you be skeptical as well?

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