Going to jail Wednesday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by purp nugs, Feb 10, 2014.

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    For 3 disorderly conducts, 2 underage drinkings, possession, criminal damage to property, and bail jumping. I'm only 19 too been to jail a couple times. Won't be that bad but jail sucks. I'll never understand how one man with a gavel can decide if your future is worth being unraveled.
  2. Well you know dude, a lot of those charges could have been avoided. At some point, you've got to make the choice to make better decisions. Can't blame it all on the judge.
  3. Yeah I feel like I'll eventually grow out of all this immature shit I do. Plus I have a real issue of mixing unmentionables with alcohol which is what caused me to get more than half those tickets. My family doesn't like me anymore either. Shit sucks bro. You live you learn
  4. Is it like real jail? as in a few years? I'd start googling everything that I would want to know for the next few years lol
    like toilet wine recipes, shank diagrams, commit that shit to memory
  5. Sounds like you had a shitty lawyer...
  6. Threw in some chris webby lyrics in the last sentence?

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  7. Only gonna be in there for 3 months maximum I hope. And when I get out I'll have a year of probation and I have to go to AODA classes and all that bullshit. Plus I need to get a job and I have warrants out for my arrest right now for unpaid tickets so when I get out I'll probably be right back in there.
  8. It's a county jail
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    you do realize it's your decision about when you become more mature.  it doesn't just happen one day.  
  10. If I had a fix everyday bein locked up would be a cake walk, lol.
  11. You should probably make "eventually" today, son.

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