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  1. So after being on probation for almost 3 years, the day before i was supposed to get off probation i got court papers from my p.o. listing all my probation violations(95% of them were failed UA's) anyway. I went and saw her and she straight up told me i'm going to jail for 28 days but when i get out i'll be off papers completely. I went to court yesterday thinking i was going to jail to find out my lawyer was out of town so i got a continuance until next monday. So i have 6 days left of freedom. But anyway, what should i expect? Any tips? I've never been to jail or anywhere like that. I'm just hoping these 28 days go by quickly. 

  2. I suggest sticking a cork in your ass before you go in to keep the unfriendlies out. Also start doing nonstop pushups until you are in there.
  3. from what i hear you have to produce weapons with what ever you can; razorblades, sharpened toothbrushes, piece of wire etc.you might want to consider starting a urinal distillery, nothing makings the days go by like a nice glass of toilet vodka.
  4.  I'm sorry you're going to jail man. I've never been to jail, but I think you'll manage 28 days! It'll be just like the movie.
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    I hope not. Remember Kenny off of Half Baked?
  6. They use body wash instead of soap now so that's one less thing you have to worry about

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  7. They use body wash instead of soap now so that's one less thing you have to worry about

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  8. Good luck man.
    Do u know what KIND of jail ur going to?  Like what type of inmates to expect?  For weed u wouldn't be locked up with fucking murderers, right?  
  9. pretty much i got 3 tips for you: do some cardio in there because the food will make you fat, learn to play spade if you don't know already because thats the best way to pass some time and mind your own business, like dont hang out with dickheads, dont mouth off to the COs and don't try to get weed in there.    
    o yeah, dont try to skip your court date lol.
  10. Ask for weekends man. They cut your time in half, so instead of 28 days straight, you'll have 7 weekends. Which is exactly what I had. They said I had 28 days, and offered me to do weekends for double time. soo, 7 weekends. They suck, real boring, but you aren't with killers and stuff and aren't in pod with people.
    youll be in like a big open gym with a mattress and shit
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    28 days= 14 days
    you can ask for week ends. most times u go in fri night get out sat night
    i did 120 days by weekends once
    dont act hard
    expect someone to approach you
    hes going to feel you out. someone might fight you.it all depnds on who runs the tank you are in
    the weekender tank will be more diluted with regular people
    you know, jail really is a big trip. the culture in their is beyond what we have here. dont disrepsect anyone
    dont be a bitch when it comes to food
    give away shit you dont like
    just say here, u want this to whoever is close, make sure the guy is part of one of the clicks
    dont even make a deal out of leaving the food, dont expect anything back, leave it and wlak away
    go to yahoo games
    one visit to jail, i was supposed to get jumped at night but i dominated dominos. i won maybe 7 trays
    i didnt care about the food. its shit anyways. i dont really eat it except for the fruit so i told the guys, fuck keep ur trays
    dont piss in the shiter and dont shit in the pisser
    take showers. no one wants a stinky person
    remember....when you get tested,
    good luck
  12. Just do the month, jail is not even what Its like in the movies.
    Unless you go to level 3-4 yards in "Prison". Your going to county man, just keep quiet and if someone disrespects...Well ya know what u need to do. Play games follow your car rules n youll be out in no time.

    Your just gunna be hungry as fuck. Lol. Mom send meeee foood. Lmao.

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