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Going to jail for marijuana......most awkward feeling

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by UMwolverines231, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. I was arrested a few months ago and found that it to be incredibly awkward being put behind bars for bud. Something I've done for years and to find that this one night I go to jail for possessing it. I mean, after all it's only a plant right? It was a bull shit arrest too.

    Walking out to a golf course to enjoy a nice night out in the open area after a long day and night. All of a sudden a cop rolls up on the road you have to cross to get to the hole right after we cross. My buddy and I were just in the beginning of a very small wooded area and I threw my bowl and bud without him seeing. I went out to him not thinking there would be a problem with anything by approaching him and talking to him.

    The dude turned out to be a total dick and didn't believe that we were just walking around enjoying a nice night, walks out there, and finds the bowl after not too long of a search. Puts us in cuffs, questions the hell out of us then goes back and finds the bud as well. I took the blame as my friend has been arrested before and it probably wouldn't have been good for him to have two charges.

    The whole thing though was just an awkward experience. Me, a harmless person who hasn't done anything else that would put me in bars, was put in a jail with all this low life criminals. I mean did they really do ANY good towards society by putting me in jail for about 6 hours for doing nothing harmless towards anyone else.

    The good part was I gave the cop loads of shit the whole way to the station and while I was there. Talkin' about how there's nothing wrong with it and how it's bull shit how people get arrested for possessing a gram of bud. Told him "Good job man, you really got a criminal off the streets."

    Oh well though I've been over that for a long time now, just bored off my ass. Anybody else get this feeling? I wasn't that pissed, just fuckin felt weird as shit. Good news I guess is it'll be off the record after PTI but it's taking a good 600 or so bucks out of my wallet. Fuck south carolina cops they'll take any chance to arrest some for whatever reason it is.
  2. man thats lame

    a friend and i got busted last july but he was the one holding everything so he got the ticket when they searched us

    he paid a $100 (or so) fine and that's that

    gotta <3 california
  3. yeah man at the very least it should be at least decriminalized
  4. hey man i feel you ive paid thousands in fees from fines, court fees, lawyer fees, all that shit just for bud. its really pointless but theres nothing we can do for now, just grit our teeth and bare it. sucks.
  5. yeah dude i got busted havin shit in my car at school and the fuckin police are dicks in NJ, i was handcuffed to a pole for like 5 hours, it was so uncomfortable and i cant believe a potsmoker can be considered sooo dangerous that they need to be locked up in a POLICE STATION. do they think im gonna try and beat the shit out of 10 or more men (possibly some strong ass dyke women) with guns and run out of this station...what the hell is that about
  6. around where i live if you get caught with a pipe when youre not in a car (just walkin around) the cops will just have you smash it and sometimes if you get pulled over on a bone cruise and get stopped you can just hand the bleezy to the officer. (which you know why he just lets you go)

  7. wow thats weird because i had a shitty ass experience with SC cops also. happened about 2 weeks ago, but i got court in may. probably going to have to do PTI. ($1759 in tickets if i didn't.) eh fuck.
  8. god i couldn't imagine...thank god california laws are more lenient but it shouldn't be such a harsh crime anywhere. that really blows, they always bring unneccesary bullshit into your life
  9. How about an 18 year old (It was two days after I turned 18) getting caught after having about 6 beers and having to sit in the town lock up for nearly 8 hours? The guy in the cell next to me was arrested for attempted murder and the guy on the other side of him was in there for heroine possession. All I could think of was how fucked up it was that I could vote and go to fight in a war but I couldn't enjoy a 6 pack in a college town. The cops told me if I didn't stop attempting to tell them how to do their job they were going to hit me with another charge.
  10. That's the feeling of alienation, the realization of the class character of society, that we live in a class dictatorship, ruled by the bosses, regulated by the state, and oppresses the working class. Something is definitely wrong with this system, it just doesn't seem right. We're supposed to be living in a "free" country, a so-called democracy. There is absolutely nothing democratic about capitalism. The only true democracy is socialism.
  11. It happens, and yeah it sucks. The best thing to do is to tell the truth. It sounds lame, but the only time i've ever been caught with weed (not counting in school, nothing will save you there), we had a bubbler, 4 or 5 beers, a slide of DXM and about .3 of some KB. We came clean, so the cops smashed the piece, towed the car and let us go. It was brutal, we got pulled over because my friend's mom put off renewing registration on their car and the guy was with the K-9 unit, so he was obligated to search the car. Me and one of my buddies (not the driver) were already 8 CCCs deep on DXM too.
  12. Wow, that sucks. I used to live in Kentucky, I know how those rural cops are. Smoking pot is equal to robbing a little old lady. I remember having to hide like I was smoking crack or something, even in my own backyard! Moving to Cali was almost like moving to a completely diff. country.
  13. yea the first time i got caught was awhile back ago and guess what they took me to jail for seriously a half g i was so pissed off but they were mad cause i got my ass out of there like 20 min after my phone call to my lawyer fuckin :devious:bitch ass's cant hold me!
  14. I dig what you said when you said " you really took a criminal off the streets. "

    its true, sometimes they have nothing better to do
  15. that sucks, i got busted here a month ago with like less than a gram on me. i had court on thursday they gave me 20 hours community service so it isnt that bad
  16. man you shouldnt have admitted to the bowl being yours, theres no proof that its yours, and their not going to dna test you over it
  17. "we've never seen those drugs officer, if you'd like to search our persons feel free, but please hurry, we'd like to be on our way"

  18. haha I did I'm smarter than that to admit it. That's when he started questioning the fuck out of us and found the bud like 30 min. later.
  19. oh and the funny thing about that was my friend said I've never seen that before which was true and said you can print that and nothing will come up. The pig hesitated a little bit and said something like "It's not possible to get finger prints" like we don't live in the 21st century or something.
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    probably thought it was crack @ first in S.C.:rolleyes:

    nice place tho....:hello:

    what part ?....I see Clemson.

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