Going to hospital.

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  1. [quote name="TinTizzy" post="19465576" timestamp="1391549084"]huh? the initial immunization is three separate ones and then you're supposed to get a booster every 5yrs..I just got a booster not long ago op and its the same as any other shot[/quote]Hmm not sure what I'm thinking of then. Lol. Still seems unnecessary for this. They just want to give him the shot. If they care they'd set him on his way and have him schedule an appointment to keep up on his shots he needs and plan when he needs boosters. But they're just going to vaccinate him on er time and money.
  2. Liquid Bandage Worked Wonders On Mine :p

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  3. Getting stitches right now
  4. Put some PVC glue on it :smoke:
  5. All stitched up... Just going go go ahead and let them give me a tetanus shot fuck it..
  6. [quote name="I Toke Alone" post="19465944" timestamp="1391553007"]All stitched up... Just going go go ahead and let them give me a tetanus shot fuck it..[/quote]. I wouldn't
  7. i dont even know how necessary they are cause i didnt have one since i was little too and cut myself a ton and never got one until recently so that was like 20 something years without one..the bacteria is rare anyways but it you did catch it that would suck so whatever lol
  8. Too late got the shot. Oh well. Thanks for all the advice though guys. I've never bled so much while I was blazed before.

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  9. Sick no why
  10. To add to the super glue thing, use super glue gel and not the runny stuff.  It's easier to get a good blob over the cut so it doesn't break open again.
  11. Damn, somebody panicked. Your probably the butt of some jokes at that hospital now.

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  12. Freakin aluminum cans!! I cut my hand on one and had to get 7 stitches.

    How are you now
  13. For future reference, unless this was the first cut you've had at all since you were a kid, I wouldn't worry so much about Tetanus. Technically you're vulnerable to Tetanus any time you have an open wound. Tetanus is a bacteria that lives in dirt. It has nothing to do with metal or rust. At all. You step on a rusty nail outside, and yeah you might get Tetanus, but not because of the rust. It's because the nail was outside, and covered in dirt; like I said, Tetanus lives in dirt. The rust on the nail is an innocent bystander. And long ago it was thought that rust caused Tetanus by the medical community because of that coincidence (places that tend to have rusty nails also tend to be contaminated with Tetanus), and for some reason it's still commonly believed today. But this is definitely a case of correlation not equaling causation.
    So basically you're a lot more likely to get Tetanus from falling and scraping your knee in the dirt that from cutting your finger on a can. That said, get your damn booster shots.
  14. This thread has me laughing hysterically. So many jokes i could make but op is in enough pain
  15. Still hurts but what hurts even more is my shoulder where they gave me the shot. It feels like someone hit me with a bat.
  16. I bet :( beats that numbing shot though, that shit, ughhh
    What's wrong with tetanus shots? I've always gotten them
  18. they're full of mercury 
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    So is seafood
  20. Pass the Shrimp please

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