Going to hospital.

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  1. Just cut my finger bad on a lid of tuna. I'm freaking out. It's really deep
  2. Fuck

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  3. Don't be scared.  That's just a baby cut.  Can't even see the wound itself especially the inside.
    Only thing you need to be worried about is infection.
  4. Its fine lol
  5. clean it and super glue it.
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    Use windex

    Jk don't really.
  7. you want me to kiss it and make it feel better?
  8. Don't be a pussy, get a band aid and clean it with hydrogen peroxide. K
  9. Just clean it with some soap and water and then if you wrap it and just put pressure on it it'll stop bleeding. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Did it cut the tendon? If so, hospital immediately if not sooner. 
    If it only cut skin deep, clean clean clean clean.
    When I was a kid I cut my finger down to the bone on a lid from a can of dog food.
  11. No it needs stitches.. They are going to want to give me a ten
    Tetanus shot idk how I feel about those..
  12. damn, im gonna feel like an asshole if OP dies
  13. Get to Weenie hut general IMMEDIATELY!!
    Thats what super glue is for, it was invented for stuff like that. plasic surgery where you dont want scars
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    Done this 20 times.  Don't bother with the ER for shit like that, just man up.
    I did pass out one time though and went face first into the wall off the toilet.
    edit- and if you can hold it long enough to take a picture, without something catching the blood, then it's not that deep.
  16. I second super glue. Unless it's much deeper than it appears, it's unlikely they would stitch it anyway. Maybe two or three to keep it from gaping with movement, but you'll more likely be sent home with a dressing and some band-aids. Save yourself a big fat bill and take care of it at home. Just make sure you clean it thoroughly.
    Though if you are worried about tetanus, and haven't had a shot in the past ten years, you might want to do so. Herd immunity is not going help you avoid tetanus, so if you avoid vaccines, do so with caution. Tetanus is relatively rare though. Hope the tuna can wasn't rusty!
  17. This sucks dick. Gonna cost me $100 up front for emergency room visit..
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    wtf op, i was expecting to see bone and shit. that's nothing just clean it with some hydrogen peroxide and slap a bandage on it.
    edit: ahhh i see. touche op, touche.
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    Super glue was invented for the war, to stop bleeding until they had a doc available.
     I use it all the time..
    Clean it good with alcohol, then hold it together, put a blob of superglue on a papertowel, use a toothpick to put a thin layer over the cut while your holding it tight together.. then youll be fine man, As long as the end of your finger moves without horrible pain you didn't get the tendon..
  20. They are wanting to give me a tetanus shot cuz i haven't had one since I was a little kid. Are they totally sage?

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