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Going to Home Depot

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by NooNe, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Im going to try my hand at growing. Unfortunatly when i start out a new hobby i usually need a lot of help to get started. So can some of you guys help me create a list of what i need to get a home depot? Im going to be growing 1 or 2 plants, just enough for myself as i really dont want to deal. I will be growing in a narrow room that connects to my bathroom. It holds all the water pipe valves and what not for the bathrooms.

    Now i need to know like what type of lights to get for this small project and what brands work best. Along with soil and wutever else i need to get that would help while at home depot. I really need some kind people who will just help me create a list of just EVERYTHING i NEED.

    For those of you who say just do this shit yourself that it makes the experience fun all i can say is i'm sorry. I have this problem where i require a lot of help to get started with something, it can be really annoying for the people who help me as i ask A LOT of questions. Once i get started i just sky rocket and do my own thing. So if you can just bear with me i would appreciate it. Thanks for the help and if this post makes absolutly no sense to any of you, i am pretty high atm.
  2. a 150 watts hps system

    40watt screw in a normal socket flourencet for when there seedlings...

    fert for veg, any with equal number will do.. for example 10-10-10

    a fert for flowering, any with the middle number higher then the other will do.. most of these are call, super blooming.. for example 10-60-10..

    a fan....

    ph tester...

    a digi cam....

    and read a lot of guides that u will find in vatoloco sticky in adsolute begginer....latezz.

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