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Going to hit a 5 footer!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thejesterjester, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I'm gonna hit a 5 footer tomorrow for the first time, with my friend. Any tips I should know?
  2. you will cough, you will cough.
  3. if your smaller then five foot, stand on a chair. :D
  4. your gunna choke like your suckin a elephent dick with pepper spray on will choke
  5. lol this man said it best
  6. Milk it, Clear it :bongin:
  7. Get some water and a comfy chair and you'll be set :smoking:
  8. haha ok thanks
    is there anyway not to cough my ass off to badly?
  9. probably not what is the biggest you have hit before?
  10. Pack a smaller bowl than normal to avoid coughing

  11. well I've taken some pretty big hits (for me) on a 2 foot illadelph
    but I kinda have pussy lungs...
  12. HAHAHAha.....ha

    oh lord, sorry your about to hit a 5 foot bong and jsut said your lungs are kinda bitch
  13. something that size could clear an 1/8th easy. Id do 1.5 out of it and probally not cough a bit.

  14. your probably fucked. the biggest i ever hit was probably 2 feet and i died off it. i don't think anything can prepare you for that amount of smoke.
  15. any tips should know?

    Yeah, I'm jealous, Invite me next time homie lol
  16. How do I make the whole bong fill up with smoke?
    Do I suck really fast or slow?
  17. pull slowly and it will milk
  18. Good bye thejesterjester's lungs! Hahaha

    Have fun & be safe,
  19. Lol there's no tips that we can really give you just do it, although we can warn you that you will indeed be coughing.
  20. Just milk it like a regular bong. It's just a little bigger ;].

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