Going to Ft. Collins, Colorado...help with the area

Discussion in 'General' started by jimbobbybob, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Going up to Ft. Collins area this upcoming Friday with a buddy for spring break, going to be staying in Loveland probably.

    Any suggestions on where to go for fun? Cheaper fun that is haha

    Probably be in the Rocky Mountain National Park a few days too, any suggestions for good trails during this season? I've done Deer Mountain during the summer, was pretty good.
    Also would be cool to camp, could care less about the weather...any suggestions on that?

    Also looking to pick up a new piece as I only have vaporizers, any good smoke shops in the area someone could suggest?

    Wouldn't mind going to boulder if people could suggest things to do there too...

    Sorry to bombard with questions...but I feel like I'd get better help to ask a bunch of weed smokers than anything/anyone else
  2. anyone? no one? if nothing after this post then I won't bother to bump it again :p
  3. Camp in the Poudre Canyon, hike up in Estes or up the Horsetooth trail. Walk around Old Town. Go to Kind Creations for a nice piece.
  4. Thanks maan hopefully colorado will look like your sig once i'm in the forest, going to check into that stuff for sure, thanks again

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