going to freak the fuck out..grrr. *venting*

Discussion in 'General' started by speechless, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. I just called three different connects and no one is picking up the goddamn phone. I haven't really smoked since Tuesday, as I decided I was going to try extra-hard to focus on school and work for the week. What the fuck? I realize it's not the end of the world, but jeeeesus.
  2. i remember those times.
    haha they suck ass
  3. next time pick up ahead of time, and train your brain to resist temptation like you did anyway, and you wont have this problem

    you have school again tomorrow? and its sunday.... ahhhhh i have work tomorrow for the whole week, but i got to relax and smoke pot all weekend.

    feel for you. next 1s for you:bongin: right now yeye
  4. It is frustrating as hell. Keep asking people for good connects.
  5. Sucks man but in those instances I would usually have picked up in advance. Why get all that shit done without a for-sure smoke waiting for you?
  6. Anytime you meet a connect, get to know them. Once you know them personally, ask them for their number, if you could buy from them, and when good times to get ahold of them are. Save all of this in your phone. Once you have a good list built up you can't go wrong.

    Or, there is one other option: grow your own!
  7. Ah yes, I remember those times.
    Best thing to do to prevent these situations is to grow your own.
    If you can't do that, buy a 1/4 or a 1/2 of dank at a time, and always make sure to re-up before you are actually out. This is what I do, but then again it's only helpful if you have a job.
  8. Just keep trying, eventually you will prevail

    With a few grams of dank :smoking:

  9. You can go very wrong with this. Why would you store so much vital information in one place? Keep the persons number in your cellphone, but don't put any information other then that in there... What if that falls into the wrong hands?
  10. could be worse, could be going on 28 days without being able to get any, exsept for some resin here and there,

    now thats a piss off,

    but hope you get some good bud soon:p
  11. Purple Kush and Pineapple Express tonight.


    Good luck finding some bud, OP.
  12. thats why my contacts list in my phone is like 50% weed connects. i fuckin horde dealers numbers
  13. and thats the way to be, theres only 3 dealers in my town, and i can only get to one though a middle man(tho i trust him alot)
  14. sucks. i know about 4 people with chronic on point. 2 w/ medi quali. but i have no money for a week due to some unexpected expenses.

    so i just collapsed under the pressure and cut some weed off my scrog to make hash with. i already kind of regret it since i know it's gonna stunt the ladies i cut from but oh well.. its done now.

    shits freezing with some iso. gonna be smokin sweet sweet qwiso tonight. trichs are like 40/60 cloudy clear on 2 heavy indica strains so it wont be too heady..

    sucks tho cause i can get og k, green crack,chemdog, blue dream and so many others if i just didnt have to pay bull shit bills..

  15. So keep a password on your phone...
  16. Dude you don't have any backup bud? I always keep a little bit of crappy bud in a separate spot, so if I ever think I'm dry, I have time to buy more while I smoke that shit.
  17. if i can't find weed i just don't smoke lol but i guess if i were you it'd be a bigger problem. :)

    let this be a lesson to you, start planning ahead. like send a mass text a day before you anticipate you need bud lol.

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