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Going to France this winter. Any good weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Iceman420, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. K, so i decided to spend time with my mom this winter break(kind of a mama's boy, but I have to give her my life for what she has done for me), and I was wondering, does France have good weed? Like any exotic strains that i could hook up with? I don't know many people there. My family is Russian(I was born in Seattle, home of the stoners) and we have good friends in Paris. One kid, who is a year younger than me, who i've met before(when i visited France three years ago), is the son of that family, and i might ask if he might have some connects. And two other russian kids are coming too, so i might ask them. I speak somewhat fluent Russian, so it won't have any trouble(yes I was born Bilingual, be jealous lol).
    So any advice on connects or any info on strains? I'm not too good at making connects just out of the blue, and i dont speak French anyways.
    Any tips?
  2. You may end up lucky, who knows.

    Few years back, I was talking to this foreign exchange chick from France and she said they have breaks during school where they can smoke doobies and nobody cares.

    Not sure if its true everywhere, but that sounds pretty legit to me :)

  3. Yeah they do and hash also. Go to a trendy place like a restaurant or club don't buy off Africans. They have hash but dunno I'd it's good.

  4. Yea maybe i should do pen pals or something with a hot chick in paris. that would be awesome. But, yea, hopefully i do get lucky. I just wanna know if they have some good strains
  5. Mostly hash but if I'm sure your friend knows someone that smokes. If he has dough then he def has or knows someone with connects. Maybe you should research the hash too maybe u can get some premium stuff. Skype the kid lol or im him.
  6. I've never smoked hash before, but i know you have to have tobacco to smoke it, or some kind of herb. I'd be willing to try it, but i don't smoke cigs because i hate the taste. Maybe my own rolled tobacco i would. Is a hash high different from a weed high?
  7. Take Tobacco completely out of the equation. Hash is pure crystals from Marijuana.

  8. really? I thought it was the oils from marijuana, and then made into like solid cubes that you would break off and put in your weed or tobacco?
  9. Well it could be both but kief pressed is hash. Dunno much about it but do a search. And forget the tobacco just get charcoal or a pipe and mix it w weed. I read that a lot of hash from middle east is cut so bubble hash might be your best bet or some really insane stuff from India or the middle east
  10. You're kind aint' aloud round' these parts son. (Spits tobbaco spit in a can)

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