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going to disp. today and need some advice.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by euphorianx3, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Yeah, you can definitely go to other dispensaries. The pieces of paper that you sign to make one your primary caregiver aren't worth a thing to be honest, don't worry about going to other clubs.
  2. get some sour diesel and sit outside! it makes everything better
  3. But they also have bud (last time I visited) for as low as $11 / gram. Is that stuff any good? Would that save me some money? I do not care about smell too much. HOWEVER I didn't buy any of it because it did not even smell like cannabis, so I was skeptical.
  4. Again, any time you're buying bud by the gram you're basically bending over and raping yourself. Obviously the larger quantity you're going to buy the better price.

    As for $11/gram bud, really have no idea about the quality, but figure that it's $38.50 for an 8th of that, so take that into consideration.

    Also you might want to start caring about smell, as it's one of the stronger indicators of the potency and flavor of the meds.
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    One of my favorite sativas for during the day is Sour Diesel. Strawberry Cough is a good one for nice cerebral high that is puts you in the frame of mind to be productive not on the couch. I would recommend either one of those for the day and something like White Widow or another heavy hitter for after work and night time use something before sleep maybe.

    As for buying it buying it by the gram what are you a dealing with a street dealer? I wouldn't buy marijuana by the gram. I have a medical marijuana card for the state of Michigan and when I buy it I buy it by the oz not the gm that's for kids. I understand the dispensaries in Cali sell it buy the gram and that's BS it's like the whole industry was set up by crack dealers or in bulk or better yet get a quick and easy Stealth Hydro system and grow your own.

  6. Budtenders cant hook up grams either because it results in a lot of lost profit for the dispensary.

    If you weigh a gram to 1.2, that 0.2 adds up really fast, sell 5 grams and you've already lost an entire gram this way.

    But 0.2 on a quarter or half ounce is less of a problem.

    Of course, theres nothing terribly wrong with buying a gram if all you have is about 20$. I do it myself, it is less efficient though.
  7. QFT.

    Exactly what I do when I get shit from dispos... buy a lot at once.

    The ones I went to worked off of a system similar to anyone marketing a product does, the more you buy, the bigger hookup your getting.

    Different dispos might be different though.

    But if I actually had a MMJ card to myself, I would just grow my own shit.

  8. Theres a significant problem with that though- it increases diversion, or the tendency for a patient to redistribute.

    Dispensaries that consistently advertise breaks on ounces, are the ones most targeted by the "medical bud street dealers", who buy several ounces a day and re-sell them to non patients.

    I think a small break in price should occur on the 1/8th and 1/4s, but it shouldnt increase once you go over that, so that its not profitable to resell.
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    What help is there for us in West Virginia??? I am a vet suffering from all sort of mental illness and the VA isnt going to script mmj, even though it works wonders for my state. Can anyone guide me on this? Thanks.

  10. You are in for an uphill battle. No state MMJ laws, and no way is the VA going to recommend it. You're either going to need to buy on the street, or move somewhere MMJ friendly. And forget about the VA in that case too.
  11. $12/gram for this (also smells good, too)...
    Too bad they change their menu so often!

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  12. Looks like shake with a few nugs. Id pay $12 a g for it, but I don't know what the prices are like in your area.

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