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going to disp. today and need some advice.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by euphorianx3, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. well I am not too savvy on what strain is what, but I know the difference between indicas and sativas. i need the sativa, not the indica. but my disp. only has hybrid and indica strains, i asked whats the ratio and she said 'they are all 50-50' is that possible or maybe she didnt know what she was talking about? can anyone tell me what to look for because I need more of a stimulation than a couch lock.
  2. They are probably all in the ballpark of 50-50. Just go to a different dispensary, Im sure theres more than one around you
  3. Where do you happen to live? If by chance you are going to a LA County dispensary, you should PM me I am familiar with the best dispensaries out there and can direct you to their online menus.
  4. i think this is the only one in my town, and only reason i found it was because of the newspaper, also, they say i cannot go to a different dispensary, because only one can 'hold' the medicine for me. they are a 'collective' if that has anything to do with it. so if you can just tell me what to look for, as far as color, strain names, etc, kush is mostly indica right, so i should stay away from that? that kind of advice would help, and no, not in LA, and too far from it :)
  5. what did you get diagnosed wrong?
  6. bipolar, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

    my biggest concern is the depression.
  7. damn you got a lot, ill tell you the strain names for all 4 in a sec
  8. Anti Depress & Anxiety, Sleep: Blue Moonshine, Jack Herrer, M-39, Herijuana.

    Insomnia, Social Awareness, Emotional Stability: Black Domina, Butterscotch Hawiian, Trainwreck, Afgani, William's Wonder, Blueberry.

    looks like you can knock most of yours off with an eigth of jack herrer and an eigth of trainwreck
  9. the current strain I have (Hindu Kush) its nice and strong, but mostly gives me fatigue. thanks for the help
  10. Hindu Kush is one of the best :p
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    Well I do not believe in names, I see nowadays everyone likes to add OG and Kush to everything sure they might have some genetics of a Kush maybe like 10% or less but seriously they have very little connection to the original.

    So this is how I choose my bud aside from first deciding what I want as to Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa.

    The 3 S's

    Smell- Does it smell good, taste wise is usually through the smell too

    Smoke- hows it smoke, is it fresh and moist or is it super crispy. NOTE: Remember when your buying super moist bud that has more water in it so you are paying more for the water weight; the dryer the less water it has so you kind of get more bud content for the gram though some prefer freshness and quality, as I do but others just want quantity.

    Sight-how is the nug formation, also look at the trich, what stage are they in? Are they developed? Clear? White? Amber? Whats your personal preference...

    After your done with this ask your budtender for their own personal favorites and check those strains out and just go through the menu... Dont be hesitant and have fun, its a learning experience in itself. Lets say you found a strain you really like then its better you buy by the eighth or whatever to get a price break. Also remember that all of the same strains are not always the same when consumed because of the different growing conditions in different batches.

    Besides just checking out the buds and purchasing your medication for what ever your aliment be sure to communicate and talk to the bud tenders and become know by a first name basis. They sometimes show a little more compassion when your tight on money and will sometimes weigh heavy r something.

    This should cover up most things but if you have more questions them PM me and also I can show you a site where all the MMJ pacients chat, review, and checkout menus, dispensaries, and deals among many other interesting topics. I hope I helped you and anyone else that needed it. Take care buddy:wave:. Stay well and be safe.
  12. I will be headed over there shortly. Hope I pick the right one! Although I am just getting a gram. Thanks for all the advice.

  13. this is so true. i go to two dispensaries who know me by name. i got an extra .2 on a half g of hash today lol (not a lot but its something)
  14. Well, when I went, their menu was different from last time, and now they had some sativas. I picked up 3g of 'Hawaiian Goo' and it's working good for my anxiety and depression. BTW, it sucks tho, but my dispensary doesn't give a discount for getting 1/8th, quarter, etc..
  15. Most dispensaries will have different strains each time you go in, unless you're going in daily. Menus change that quickly in So-Cal.

    Also, most dispensaries don't offer discounts for 8ths or quarters, but some do for 1/2 ounces and of course ounces...

    Purchasing by the gram is the most expensive way to buy MMJ btw.
  16. Well, there are more dispensaries about 30 minutes away (current one is 10 minutes), but like I said in OP I cannot go to a different dispensary according to this one.
  17. I wish i was able to get my buddha from a reliable source like that, unfortunately in my state it is still illegal :( i cant wait to finish college here so i can move out to cali
  18. good luck, I did that 6 years ago

  19. What state are you in? If you are in Cali you can go to other dispensaries. They are probably just trying to keep you as a customer
  20. Same, I've never heard that you could only go to one dispensary.

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