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Going to Cozumel for Spring Break

Discussion in 'General' started by emagdnim13, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Anyone been to the island of Cozumel?

    It's on the east side of Mexico in the Gulf.

    I was hoping to score some bud there, possibly some yay.

    Anyone have any experience buying in Mexico?

    If so, maybe some tips/stories so I'll know what to expect?

    Before anyone chimes in with their parental advice, I'm not going to be lurking the streets at night looking for seedy looking guys or anything, I'm not going to put myself in danger or anything to get some bud.

  2. I stayed in Mexico for 3 months in 2004, I am fairly fluent in spanish... I know that Cozumel is fairly touristy too.. which means you may be approached by locals just as easy as you could find someone...anyone trying to sell probably speaks a little english too.. but if NOT a poplular spanish word for Bud is "Mota" Pronounced (MOH-Tah)".. I'm not sure how the laws work there...but I remember hearing they were fairly strict.. of course I wasn't in Cozumel either.. Hope that helps a little

    Good luck man!
  3. thanks man.

    i know to use mota if no one speaks english, but like you said, i'm just really hoping to be approached by a local.

    i'm not hugely concerned with finding bud as i've got all-inclusive bars to keep me happy, but it'd be nice to roll a few joints and smoke them on the beach or something.
  4. weren't small amounts of all drugs legalized in mexico? i've heard that it was true, then i've also heard that it fell through.
  5. What I've been told is to look for young-ish male employees (locals) and make friends over the first couple days. Share a cigarette, tip well, etc...but I've never done it personlly.

    I've never been able to get the money together to go, have fun!
  6. actually, i just got asked to come, free of charge....was a hard decision to make. :p
  7. Cozumel is dope, the nugs are better than average and cheap as hell, bought 2 bags that lasted the whole week, had to be more then an zip of some nice sativa nuggets from this guy at a shop...i cant really give out tips cause bud has never been difficult for me to get...just throw on a chronic Tee and it i gaurentee at least a few people will ask if you need...as for yay, it was some of the best white ive ever snorted but i didnt personally buy it....6 fat rails and NO comedown ... nice lookin women, nice snorkeling spots, good night life, me n my buddies trip was all inclusive so everything was paid for in the resort we stayed at, we'd start every day out with a couple drinks from the bar and damn they were free but watered down as a motherfucker, lol..what can you expect though.
    when i got home i didnt even think about drinking for a week, as you will probably experience yourself.
    have a gr8 time bro
  8. good to know bud is easy to find.

    i'm hoping to find someone that can get me a zip for cheap, like 50-100 bucks, hopefully on the lower side of that estimate, to last me for the week.

    i'm only bringing papers, so conserving isn't going to be so easy.

    damn i wish i could bring my bluedot, ripping that on the beach would be so nice.
  9. i got here last night.

    got pretty drunk off of free dos equis and a couple shots of tequila.

    first time in my life i've ever been legally served alcohol.

    no luck on finding any buds yet, but it's only day one. i'm going into town tomorrow to drink at senor frog's so i'm hoping to find some then.

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