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going to concerts while high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oherroprease, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. In two days im going to see badfish, a sublime tribute band. It's also gonna be my first time smoking in 2 months :), I've almost forgotten what it's like. But anyways, I've never been to a concert high, what's it like?
  2. Dude it's an awesome experience. I went to a Mac Miller concert high and even smoked inside. :smoke: but it's really chill...everything just seems to be super fun and funny. I was jumpin and really into the performance. It was one of the best nights of my life. :) obviously, I was REALLY high. hahahaha
  3. It's great...

    there honestly only been a few concerts I've been to that I WASN'T high.

    For the most parts, concerts and weed go hand in hand for me. Usually just toke up right in the crowd at the concert... but smaller venues here in Chicago are dicks about smoking ever since they passed the no smoking indoors law. If that's the case I usually give the bathroom attendant a few bucks and toke in the bathrooms between sets.
  4. So much fun the music and environment is like 10x better.
  5. Yeah, I can't wait lol. The only thing I'm worried about is handling my shit because it's been a couple months. I hope I don't start freaking out or anything. It's gonna be a really chill setting though so im not too worried about it. Any tips on avoiding paranoia when in a big croud? Thanks :)

  6. just remember, that you're in a big crowd. no one is there paying attention to you, they will be paying attention to the stage. Nothing to be paranoid about, because most likely no one will be paying attention to you... and there will probably be other people just like you in the crowd, high and or drunk.

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