going to colorado

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeymcpot69, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. what up everyone. im going to vail/beaver creek area anyone know if ill be able to pick up there?
  2. Magic Eight ball says: Ask again later
  3. ahahaha :cool:
  4. My uncle lives out at gypsum. I go there a lot
  5. ive read a lot of posts from people around denver and boulder but unfortunately i wont be going there....hopefully i can find some mountain bud so i can roll up a fatty
  6. Only if you ask around.
  7. Yes, I do know if you will pick up there.
  8. Hailing from colorado myself,

    I can tell you with a large degree of certainty that you'll be able to find some herb in vail. Avoid the rich bastards and try to find the townies/ski instructors they'll know where its at.

    I hope you enjoy, colorado bud is some of the best in the world :hello:
  9. thanks for the replies...im staying in beaver creek (so im stuck with the rich people, but im staying for free) but hopefully ill be able to get something here or in vail. ill let you know how it goes:D

  10. you do realize the boulder budtropolis is like....a few hours from there.... anyone who comes to CO and gets within range of boulder and doesnt find weed, but is looking, made a dumb ass mistake and i understand some people think its too far....i assume you went farther than that to go to a yuppy ass mountain town....you can make it to boulder
  11. i would but i cant this is my parents place and we get a rental car and i wont be able to drive it.
  12. I'm going to stay with family in Longmont in 3 weeks. I'm pretty sure its not far from Boulder, my aunt said there's a bus I can take there. Is there any fun stuff I'd be able to do in Boulder?
  13. how many people are going to beaver creek and are asking for hook ups at the same time on this forum?

    EDIT: ok this guys not asking for a hook up. but there is another thread where the guy is blatantly asking for a hook up at beaver creek.

  14. lol longmont touches boulder, its pretty much in boulder, and boulder is where EVERYTHING fun happens man
  15. I just got to beaver creek! haha anyone have any advice about this??

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