Going to Colorado

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  1. Next month I'm visiting a college and going snowboarding, this trip won't be complete unless I find weed. Hmmm

    Pimp your elevations
  2. Well are you 21? You may have easier access to it, but it will still be illegal
  3. Have fun paying close to twice the amount for bud. Oh, and don't even think about bringing any back with you, the cops are all over every exit and have been pulling out-of-state cars over left and right.
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    It's legal for anyone 21 or older in Colorado.  I've driven up to Durango a couple of times and purchased some 3rd generation kick ass bud.  I have a relative that lives south of Durango and I go over there and share some smoke.  As long as you don't try to leave the state with it you will be fine. 
    I can get an oz. for $200
    My brother (very anti-weed guy) just went to Vail to ski with his 3 friends. They drove there, ski'd for 4 days, and drove back home with absolutely no traffic/cop stops at all. 
    Cops can't just pull you over to see if you have drugs. That's illegal. If you drive responsibly and don't get profiled, then they don't bother you. My brother's just a normal nerdy white guy driving in a VW Toureg with his friends, following all the traffic laws. If my bro drove a piece of shit, subwoofers blaring, hat on sideways, swerving around like an idiot, then...yes, you would be right, he'd get pulled over immediately.
    Also, not trying to be racist, but this is just how cops profile: if you are black or hispanic, you will also have a harder time.
  6. I can get an oz for $100 in the springs, dude knows what he's talkin about. There's an extra 33% tax for non card holders.
  7. Is it 21 in Cali aswell?

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    I'm on my way.   Leave the light on for me.   I pay over $300 dollars for medical in New Mexico.  I have a card.  
  9. so what's the problem? If you can get an ounce for 200 then get the ounce for 200 lol.
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    u better set up a place to stay
    'cause rent is hella expensive in this bitch
    the cost of living overall, in CO is fuckin high
  11. I'm going the week of March 24th to boulder to also visit colleges! Sooo excited

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  12. Those prices are not even that bad. try living in Mass where you might pay $60 for an eighth
  13. This thing has been bugging me for a long time, if a person from another country comes to Colorado for vacation, can they buy weed legally?
  14. Cali doesn't have recreational technically but you only have to be 18 to get your medical card which makes it legal for you
  15. Yes, as long as they have id proving they are over 21 anyone can buy retail
  16. That sucks man, dude is correct. I get ounces for $100 to $125 in the springs area.

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