Going to college next year.. Any advice

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  1. Well in less than a year ill be attending a college... Jus seein if anyone has any advice, fun facts, wisdom to enlighten me with... How to easily make friends, find connects, locating parties, financial advice, passing time... So yeah just feel free to leave any advice you have from your current or past college experiences for me and other college attending blades to view. Thank you
  2. Do yourself a huge favour and learn to recognise when you're procrastinating and even more importantly, how to pull yourself out of it. It took me forever to learn that its so much more painful to have to do 8 hours of studying in one day than 1 hour a day because I put shit off for too long.

    As for meeting new people; my freshers weeks/orientation pretty much took care of that for me. Just remember that everyone is in exactly the same boat - you're all new, you're all looking to meet new people. Just go for it.

    If you're going into the sciences - read as much primary literature as you can get your hands on; and get involved in lab research as early as you can.
  3. Go to Frosh and hang out with the newbies. You'll help eachother to get socialized into the typical college lifestyle - a lot of beer pong and unprotected sex.

    I also highly suggest attending all your scheduled lectures and labs. You don't want to be that asshole who thinks he is too smart to go to class. Don't put shit off, stay organized.
  4. Don't fall into the temptation of smoking and drinking every night, seriously.

    Alcohol will be basically shoved in front of your face, and weed will be everywhere.. Especially if you are living on Campus..

    Its tough to say No to your friends in the room next to you who look like they're having a blast crushing a bottle of vodka on a Monday Night, and you have class the next morning..

    This will only lead to trouble and poor performance in the classroom..
    Seriously I went through this last year.. don't forget what you are there to do, to get a degree and keep working your way to a good job. Distractions can easily get in the way..

    I'm not saying don't have fun, but I would make sure all responsible priorities are taken care of before hand..

    Best of Luck.
  5. keep your dick in the chicks, head in the books and cash in your pocket
  6. 1) get a job
    2) go to class
    3) study everyday including weekends
    4) control weed and alcohol intake
    5) if you are partying more than 2x week save you and your parents money and go home..
    6) remember college isn't about finding yourself, exploring, experimenting, or partying.. Get an education and get out. It's far too expensive to waste
  7. Good advice although ill have to disagree with the last part. College IS the time to find yourself and party as long as you don't go overboard and let it effect your school work. Remember don't fall behind and have to try and fix your gpa

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  8. I'll respectfully disagree.. If you need to find yourself, get a job and do it on your own time not when you/parents are paying out the ass for it. It is not the time to party. It is the time to buckle down and get ahead. Party time will be after graduation and before kids.. You'll have a lot more money and fun.
  9. Depends what you take college isnt really that expensive....
  10. school first thats all i can say. SCHOOL FIRST.

    I toke every day in college, doesn't interfere with school... I always toke in the evening and only times I'll do wake and bake is if I don't have class or work to do that day. Otherwise just daily tokin' at night. Partying once a week is fine, any more than that you are stretching it unless your major is a joke.
  11. Don't join a frat. Always carry condoms. Don't drink on nights before school. Do your homework as soon as you get the chance. Leave the entire day prior to an exam open for studying. Exams are deal-breakers my friend. They set apart the boys from the men. If you can do well on the exams, you'll never have to worry about tedious hw assignments or class work. Lastly, do any extra credit offered. It comes through in the clutch. Oh, and drink water while you drink alcohol, helps keep you hydrated and avoids the hangover the next day. happy fucking my friend.
  12. condoms man condoms. too many of my friends have children or gotten std's and im sure way more have std's that tell me lol
  13. It's all about priorities, you can get fucked up all you want as long as your other obligations are taken care of. Some people have to study diligently every night, while others are fortunate enough to soak up information like a sponge. It really all depends on the person. Certain people aren't that great at functioning while high. I wouldn't suggest daily smoking for these people, but if your like me and weed doesn't affect your ability to be productive then daily smoking should be fine as long as you can afford it. I'm not much of a drinker but I would suggest saving that for the weekends, just because drinking will typically take away from your sleeping and getting a good sleep the night before class is vital to your success in college.

    So basically do whatever the hell you want as long as you GPA isn't slipping.
  14. Get trashed!
  15. Definitely should set time aside every day to study..i try and cram it all in the day before a test and it sucks
  16. You won't have problems with any if that OP. it all just happens. Make sure you have plenty of cash saved up though. Most freshmen blow through their bank account in like the first month.
  17. 1. Find out what you want to do in life and make sure your major is the one you REALLY WANT AND CAN USE

    2. Apply for all the financial aid you can get

    3. Manage your time wisely
  18. Yeah you can't be drinking all the time to. Sure getting blackout drunk on a Tuesday sounds cool but when you miss all 3 of your classes the next day and something important went down then you really feel like an idiot. It's all about having your priorities straight.
  19. Smash as meant females as possible.. But wrap it up. Day after pills are a bitch to pay for
  20. I agree. I'm going right now and most of it was paid for random fucking grants for a bunch of things. Let me say though I came from the ghetto so I was the richest of kids. Keep track of how much money you spend

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