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Going to college, need some advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Indie, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Alright so ill be staying in the dorms for my first time and I still want to blaze in college. So im just looking for some tips on how to stil smoke while living in the dorms (weather it be concealed methods or just how to smoke outside without getting caught) Anyone that went to college throw me some advice?
  2. Returning Sophmore.

    Rule No. 1: Smoke outside
  3. heres some for ya from a college guy

    1. activated carbon sploof
    2. hotbox jungle (turn shower on hot) and smoke it bathroom
    3. VAPE!!!
    4. simmer garlic
    5. fans blowing away from door and towards window
    6. try not to smoke at heavy RA patrol times
    7. activated carbon air purifier
    8. eyedrops
    9. get friends every once and a while from a nearby room to smell the hallway and make sure it doesnt smell.

    hope it helps
  4. I havent been on the dorms but I will next year anyways I live with my parents and so I have to be discreet and secretive about it.

    Well this is what I do...
    have a spoof toilet paper with laundry sheets
    [ame=]YouTube - The Smoke Deodorizer: Camouflage Your Smoke![/ame]
    NEvER smoke BLUNTS/Joints inside they smell like hell I got caught by it
    Also always clear the pipe with your finger off the carb so that no smoke is left in the pipe and then Blow it out of the spoof.
    Use a fan pointed towards the Open window
    Towel under the door
    Spray febreeze in the room like 2 shots is good enough
    Hand sanetizer in your hand hands just a little bit will do just to get rid of the weed smell and put lotion on your hands and face just to make those glossy clear eyes appear less glossy and also it hides the smell of weed.

    Good luck bro have fun and be smart
  5. dont be a dumbass, smoke outdoors
  6. What the FUCK! That's awesome. I've never seen that haha
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    All the above is great. A sploof is a MUST when smoking in the dorm. This is risky, avoid it if you can, but if you just feel like a quick rip, try that Jamaican shower. Cover the crack under the door with a towel or youll be leaking smell. Heat rises, but the idea is that the air gets humid and thick, therefore doesnt travel a lot and wont smell as much, but a decent draft under the door will suck it out. Also, throwing some shampoo or a bar of soap in the shower works great for masking a smell.

    Dont forget that you have to hide your shit somewhere, and the desk drawer isnt going to cut it. Get a hide-a-can (false soda can) or something like that. If you've got a bong or something that takes up space, get a footlocker or a tool chest with a lock that you can store stuff in.

    When youre walking a blunt or something, change up your spots around school, and never walk with anything more than the blunt. Hey man, if you gotta Wu Tang it, you gotta do it, but dont get caught with a grinder full of ganj because you cant even break that like a glass pipe.

    Roll with people who know what the SOP is if someone else shows up. THere is absolutely NOTHING FUCKING WORSE than being with a group on a fat blunt and when some random person walks by, and the rookie in the group fucking runs. If thats a cop, youre screwed. But if its just the bus driver taking a piss, its prolly fine.
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    Don't stash "paraphernalia" like pipes, grinders and bongs around your dorm, or you'll get booted when theyre eventually found.

    Keep it simple, Jionts and Spliffs only.
  9. all the advice in this thread has been top notch. Although this may be tough, but try to refrain from smoking for like 2 weeks or so once you get there. Doing this will allow you to get a feel of the campus culture. Finding out what your RA is like, what the police are like, hours people are up, get buddies you can smoke with. Remember that smoking is a MUCH more serious crime than Drinking in college. This is obvious but some people forget this.

    If you're in a suite try to figure out if they're chill same with roommate of course.

    Smoking outside is great. At my school we have one major problem with this though. If anyone sees you go out into the woods, they snitch. Regardless of what you're doing, if you're chilling outside and someone spots you walking to the woods, they'll call the campus police from what I've seen. Don't be sketch.

    If you smoke like everyday buying a vape would be a GREAT idea too.

    Best of luck mang

  10. Oh and figure out your school's search laws. At my school they can't search anything thats not school property without a warrent or what not. My buddy got busted because he hid his bud inside his desk (which is school property) during a room inspection.

    So keep your stuff in your own stuff lol
  11. Get a fan and put it on the windowsill, use a bowl or bong and blow your smoke through the fan out the window, towel in the door of course, spray febreze or deodorizer of choice. Me and my roommate did that whenever we smoked in the room and never got in trouble, but we had a chill RA who didn't care that we smoked as long as we weren't being loud or anything.

    It's better to just find a well secluded spot outside and smoke, we only smoked inside if it was too cold outside.
  12. Id say get to cookin. Just make a shit load so you can just reach for one anytime ;o
  13. Vaporizer. No smell. Smoke all day in your dorm!
  14. Where I went (a very large campus), we were situated in the middle of an average sized city. We had a lot of freedom to go places. My favorite place to go was back country dirt roads in my buddies badass trruck. Real farm roads built for big trucks and tractors. We've seen only 2 other people out there in the times we've gone there. We'd by a 1/4 a just smoke blunts and bowls (easiest while driving) until we were out of our minds. Worst off, I was a pretty newb smoker at the time. God damn, I love college. And that was just Freshman year. :)
  15. drop in ceilings are great stash spotseverything else I cold think of has already been covered
  16. I good stash method is putting dryer sheets in your mason jars. Keeps the air dry in the jar, smell away.
  17. If you gotta smoke inside, only use a bowl or bong you can easily clear. Get a box fan and put that on the window and put a towel under the door. You gotta try and get a draft going so it pulls the smoke out the window (you can hold a little string or something by the door and if it is blowing toward the window, your good)

    Use a sploof just incase (carbon or dryer sheet, doesn't matter), and lastly put a quarter of your bowl in between hits.

    And of course blow your smoke out the window (no brainer).

    But to save yourself the trouble, just smoke out doors.
  18. Best advice given.

    Worst thing to do is to stink up the hallway. People WILL complain, and if it's really bad, even chill CA's or RA's will have to act, i.e. police response/legal or scholarly action.
  19. Dude, don't even worry about it. This will be my senior year of college and the whole time i just sit on my bed and blow the smoke out the window. Unless your smoke detectors are mad low you shouldn't have any problem.

    Invest in some febreeze to kill the wandering smoke and the smell if your roommates dont like it.
  20. Depends where you are going to school bro. Do you have a central campus? My college was kinda spreadout through the city of Providence so when we wanted to burn, there is always a somewhere we could run to that isn't too far away.

    Like a few said before, definitely limit how often you smoke inside. After awhile you get comfortable and shit then you get caught. If you are forced to smoke inside, the shower method is pretty key, don't need eyedrops since I doubt you can get in trouble for just being high, and definitely rock a nice strong fan pointed outdoors as long as the RA isn't your neighbor.

    Just be smart and have fun.

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