Going to College? Check These Courses Out!

Discussion in 'General' started by AmsterdamdreamN, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. I was going to put these in the humor section, but since they are REAL courses, I figured I'd put them here.

    1. How to Watch Television, Montclair ( N.J. ) State
    2. Advanced Stress Management, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    3. The Horror Film, Xavier University, Ohio
    4. The Science of Harry Potter, Frostburg State ( Md. )
    5. Getting Dressed, Princeton
  2. sign me up for getting dressed!

    i keep having truble with these trousers. the bits are too long for my arms and me head wont fit thru that hole in the middle
  3. I dont belive that at all show us a link

    How to watch T.V bah
  4. Shit man, I'm gonna goto N.J. and teach that TV watching class.
  5. Lemme know when you find Weedology, Mushroom Growing 101, and Bong Engineering......

  6. yeah that would be chemisty and biology

  7. Nuhuh. I took biology and didn't learn that much about plants. Sure, you'd get some general knowledge from those classes that you could apply to the topics I mentioned. But I want a more specific class that is geared more towards growing shrooms or knowing everything you can about pot.....
  8. sign me up for getting dressed. princeton even :D
  9. dont say that told, im getting all excited about going to princeton :D
  10. I've always wanted to teach sex education..

    It has to have complete contact though..

    Any colledges for that??
  11. i think pimps give their whores atleast some education in sex.

    would that work budhead? i could see you as a pimp.

    ...or atleast you could be another pimps whore?

    hahaha. budhead likes sex.
  12. I'd like to be pimping!!!

    That would be the perfect job!!! LMAO!

  13. Dude...soil science and botany classes. Its amazing how much you learn, especially if your teacher is a stoner.
  14. I guess no one here has been to college. They make up crazy names for courses all the time.

    Oh and about #3. I'm taking a course called Horror, Fiction, and Film right now.

    At a lot of schools, including mine, they have a course on the Lord of the Rings.

    Best college course I ever took has to be Drugs and Behavior.
  15. at the University of Tennessee, atheletes can get credit for chair stacking. They won't let me take that course tho. Shit! I gotta leave for cal 3 now.

  16. ding dind ding! :p

  17. Unfortunatly I don't get ALL my info from the internet. But if you are really curious about my honesty, the next time your in a supermarket, look in one of the 'Readers Digest' books that usually sit in the racks near the cash register. Turn to page 20, and right there underneath the picture of the cannoli eating contest, is a box with the following heading. 5 College Courses Worthy of the Title "Absurd 101". I had went to the RD website, but they didn't have a section for ' Only in America' ( The section where I found the info. )

    For those of you who are curious, Cookie Jarvis won the cannoli eating contest. He ate 16 and a half, in 6 minutes. On a side note, did you know ' The International Federation of Competitive Eating ' sanctions over 150 contests?

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