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Going to class baked.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 4smoke2haze0, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. I'm sure we've all done this before, amiright? It tends to be really boring in college though and I usually just break out my phone and play games. But it was actually kind of fun for me in high school, though I only did it like 5 times (I actually used to go drunk more often). It was always interesting. Like one time I drew this crazy ass picture of the atmospheric layers, the teacher even framed it. I still have it too haha. And when I was sober, I always sucked at algebra, but when I was blitzed I was a frickin mathematician. It was like my hand would move faster than my mind and I'd get equations done before anyone. And it was actually a blast to do them haha. Another time, I...well I don't really remember, but it'll come to me ha. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it made me really anti-social and I observed everything really deeply, which was kinda trippy.

    What are your experiences with going to school stoned?
  2. I would get the same thoughts you mentioned at the end sometimes in high school. Once i was so baked in my math class and the teacher handed out some super easy pop quiz and everyone else is flying through it no problem. The teacher approaches me laughing asking me "you don't know how to do this?" smiling and just making me feel retarded. now it makes me laugh
  3. Iffy for me, sometimes I'll just zone out. But who cares, most of my lectures are bullshit and you just need to read the textbook :p
  4. I never did it highschool outside 4 times and under but i pretty much always do at college.
  5. I went to most of my classes high in grade 12 and i pretty much go to every class in college high. I find that if the topic is boring then I won't listen but if its interesting nothing takes my attention away, which is great because I like my college courses!
  6. Did it a bunch in high school but didn't enjoy it as much because of how paranoid I was of getting caught, I don't mind going to college lectures stoned but sometimes I feel time goes by way too slowly if the lectures boring and I'm stoned
  7. I only went to school baked my senior year, so I couldn't imagine trying to do Math while high as hell especially if the teacher called you up to the board ahaha
  8. I burned through all 4 years of school. Me and my boys would jump the fence and get stoned as fuck, or sometimes we would just burn before and after school. If the security tried to bust us we would just walk away all calm and hide the shit, then go get detention lol. We were such bosses
  9. Had an edible the other day at recess, definatly made school a lot more fun, maybe not better learning wise though hahahaha.

  10. Recess? Last time I called it recess was in 3rd grade.
  11. yeah, imagine trying to do Math while high as hell especially if the teacher called you up to the board .thank you[​IMG]
  12. I've been doing it just the last little while actually. It takes me a while to "get going" in the morning. Not that I'm not a morning person. I can be, but weed just takes an hour or two off the process of settling into the day, so I can go to class more relaxed and talkative and such.
  13. I like going to my math and psychology classes while stoned, makes them more fun.
  14. I haven't ever done it as a grad student, but during undergrad I did it all the time. Going to research lab baked is pretty interesting. I took a ceramics class my last semester of junior year that I felt was begging me to go baked every. single. class.

    Came out with some pretty sweet ceramics though, and I smoked with my TA a few times waiting for the kiln to get loaded up
  15. I went to an exam high, didn't get a single mark

  16. lol, I can relate - I did an art exam high once and I scored 1 out of 30.

    but I was always pretty shitty in that class, so its not TOO surprising...
  17. why would you waste all that money to smoke up before class? for college and university, at least.

    i did it a few times, enjoyed the subject anyway and got some great ideas, but i couldnt remember them later and couldnt be bothered writing it down.
  18. i'm thinking about doing it today before my drawing studio class. we're supposed to paint each others faces. should be fucking awesome. only problem is i dont really got anywhere to smoke besides the parking lot but then my car's gonna reek on the drive home later
  19. Because smoking up before class doesn't make the class a waste of time, my tolerance is at a point where I can function and take notes in class stoned
  20. I use to go to my art class fadedd all the time. It was a zero period so I would smoke right before leaving my house. My teacher use to always keep my art cause she said it was unique. Going to class high is awsome!

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