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Going to Canada

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4twen_t, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Okay so, hypothetically speaking of course, if I were going to go to Vancouver from Seattle, sometime in November, where could I go to get some really good bud? As much as possible. Also, again hypothetically....How would I get that back across the border? :D:smoking:
  2. It's Canada theres bud everywhere just ask someone who looks like a stoner. And I wouldn't take any back across the border because if you get busted that means drug trafficking charges.
  3. idk canadas got some pretty good bud from what ive had. my old dealer used to pickup in canada i live in michigan so its just right across the river we called him canadian dave lol
  4. in Vancouver... just go chill with someone you see toking or who looks liek a stoner and then ask him if he know where to get bud. Bud is everywhere in Vancouver. :smoking:
  5. Vancouver Marijuana prices and where to buy weed in British columbia, Canada

    There's a guide right there. I wouldn't know how accurate it is, and even though I live in Vancouver I chose too phone around some friends who were likely stoners instead. Generally speaking, people who are happy to hear from you are actual stoners... applying that to the street, people who are delighted to meet you off the bat are stoners? If not, what do you have to smoke to be friendly as heck to everyone? I wanna try that.
  6. Oh dude your not gonna have a hard time finding bud here in Vancouver. I live right around there and there's basically weed being shoved at you from all directions. Really cheap weed too, I might add.

    ^^That link is pretty informative, i'd give that a look
  7. If your not trying to deal, why would you want to risk carrying large amounts of weed across an international border?

    Just get enough to get ripped in canada, come back to seattle, and make your big pick up there.

    Not worth getting fucked, unless your trying to turn a profit and deal.

    Just my 2 cents
  8. Thanks for the help guys!

    And the reason I'd want to get it all in Canada is because I dont know anyone in seattle or where I would get it, especially as cheap as I would get it in Vancouver.

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