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Going to California

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AmarjiuAmuan1, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. So, I'm suppose to be going out to California in a couple of weeks to start school, but I've been trying to figure out how to get all my pieces out there. I'm shipping some stuff UPS ground and was thinking I would throw my two bongs in with that(after cleaning them), because I don't think UPS will search them, but I have a small bubbler I want to keep using until I go, everything has to be shipped a few weeks before. So I was wondering, if I clean it out really well, and throw it in my checked luggage when I fly out, will it be okay, or am I going to have police coming on to the plane to arrest me?

    I'm coming from the east coast, so there is no chance of driving out and just having it in the car
  2. I think as long as you clean out your bubbler really really well, you'll be fine to put it in your checked luggage. I mean, there's no law against glass right? If there's no residue they can scrape out, it's just a piece of glass. I'd do the alcohol/salt wash, then soak it in dishwashing fluid to wash away any lingering smell. Then again, i've never tried transporting my piece this way. This is all hypothetical.
  3. What part of California, if you don't mind me asking (PM me if that's preferable)?

    I went to San Diego a few weekends back, picked up a pipe while I was down there, smokedsmokedsmoked, and managed to get it back home. I just slightly cleaned it out (cleaning wood on your way to the airport with noting but water and a Q-tip doesn't work all that good), threw it in my baggage, and checked it.

    Of course, that was one, measly, wood pipe.
  4. I hear boiling your glass pipe will clean it out completely. I might've missed some steps, but I've never done it before.
  5. asitone works and leave no film or flavore in the piece. It doesn't hurt the glass and evaporates quick. My friend uses it all the time.
  6. Boiling works to a degree, b/c there is still resin residue left on the pipe.

    You could soak your pipe, bong or whatever in a high % rubbing alcohol and it will get rid of it, but you might have to soak it many times, to get it all.

    I wouldn't take anything with you on the airplane, b/c I could see them screwing you over somehow. If anything try to ship it to yourself by UPS or something.
  7. Just clean it well and ship it with your luggage. Salt/alcohol/etc. and just bubble wrap it and throw it in the middle of a towel or something. They only really check the bags for firearms and shit and as long as it's clean it's not illegal, so you'll have nothing to worry about.
  8. Dude, I tell you this because I work for Fed-Ex which is basicly UPS. You can ship it with weed and be alright. The only thing your gonna have to worry about is UPS breaking one of your bongs because they threw the boxs or someone stepped on it or it fell 20 feet off a belt... theres an endless amount of dangers that await your bong, I wish it luck. Just make sure its packaged really, really, really good.

    Also, we dont check for fire arms. We ship bullets and hunting stuff all the time. Not to mention in my area Fed-Ex has contracts with the military bases so we handle a lot of their stuff, not big stuff... its stuff for the soldiers like clothes, armor, rations, etc..
  9. Thanks for all the replies! I'm going to clean everything out really well and ship it via the methods I said. and I'll be sure to package the bongs really well so they don't get damaged by UPS
  10. I wouldn't worry about cleaning it out really good. Just package it really good. Domestic packages dont get fucked with unless something happens to it. Sometimes international stuff gets searched by customs, but they shouldn't be touching anything of yours if its going from east coast to west. Its your property, they arn't the government so ups cant just go through all your shit.
  11. high % rubbing alcohol and rock salt or ice, and shake to clean off the resin and the alcohol loosens it up

    after that, use some simple clean with hot water and it will sparkle shine it and get rid of the smell and have it smell like the simple green cleaner, but before u use it, just wrinse it off with some hot water, removes the smell and its good as new

    or let it soak in oxyclean overnight, both work like a charm, but i usually go the simple green method(can be picked up at any grocery store almost, k mart, etc.) its like a household cleaner shit
  12. get those lil price tag stickers that they sell for small businesses, put a price on the peices after theyre clean. Say you bought them, or u can just take em on, they prolly wont say nothin, just be careful to not break them
  13. I do not know about other states laws but I know for a fact that in Ca. if a cop finds your piece and you are over 18 there is nothing they can do except give it back to you even if it is resinated as hell. what are they gonna do arrest you for weed u may have smoked???
  14. nah, if a piece is resinated they can consider it marijuana paraphanalia since it has resin in it and give you a ticket, but they never do
    just either take it from you and thats the end of it, or they break it or make u break it, and say goodday, dont do it again, and drive away

    none of my friends have ever actually been ticketed or anything for pot or pieces, just had them confinscated, broken, or thrown the buds on the ground and rubbed their shoe over so it like just turns to dust
  15. and smoke that "dust" and ill call it keif! lol jk

  16. Hmmm..... must just be a difference in our areas cause I have been searched and have had my pipe found and the cops just gave it back to me
    though it may of helped that I had no weed at the time
  17. i work at UPS... packages get mishandled..

  18. actually if i remember correctly according to there is basically no paraphernalia law, also from the same website, anything less than an o is a misdemeanor with a $100 fine, but your probably right, seeing as how that like a nothing fine for it, and I bet so many people would fight it, which ties up legal resources that they are more likely to let you go than anything else.

    and on the ups thing, I actually don't know who I'm using yet, maybe fedex, maybe ups, maybe dhl, I kinda just used UPS as generally shipping company thing, but I realized almost all the stuff I'm planning to ship is somewhat delicate so the bongs will be in bubble wrap, and the entire box is going to have packing peanuts in I think, I mean all of it cost me a shit load and I'll be really pissed if it breaks.
  19. lol at the post with the youtube clip of the ups guy throwing the package at the house. From downtown, SWOOOOSH! :smoke:

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