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  1. So im going to california for the first time ever and i was wondering if anyone had suggestions of what to do around the los angeles area. Im visiting an old friend who lived with me for 10 months back when i was a junior in high school. My mom hosted a foreign exchange student from china, and we always drank and smoked, so it was really chill since all my brothers were grown up and moved out, so i always had company. Anyways i was just wondering where some cool places are to visit.
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  4. There's a ton of stuff. If you just want to mess around there's Venice beach, several different piers, Hollywood, etc. Personally, I'd check the Museum of Natural History and Art or maybe the zoo.
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    depends what you wanna do, and how long youre there for (and with who), really....
    theres some good night life in parts of LA if you like clubs or good dining (google it)... then theres the sight seeing or places you can just stroll around for a day.. venice beach, hollywood, santa monica... drive down to orange county if you want to hang out on the beach.. venice is kinda ghetto and only good for its shops on the boardwalk, the hash bar, and people watching but definitely still worth the trip. id suggest huntington or newport beach for spending time on the sand, a lot nicer of an area. also stuff to do on balboa island/pier.. then theres also deep sea fishing, kayaking n surfing from almost anywhere.. like someone above me said theres the zoo.. aquarium..

    if you wanna trek down even further, theres south county, like laguna beach which is always awesome to walk around. if you want theme parks and dont have em where you live.. six flags is out here, disneyland is a ripoff for out of state tourists..

    theres plenty of other things.. a good site to give you ideas is travelzoo.com, pick the area youre gonna be in and theres a number of weekly offers of events and things going on that you could do.

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