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Going to California soon..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by prettygreenbud, May 25, 2011.

  1. Now i dont live around there im from New York im going there for vacation. How easy is it to score some herb from there? Ill be in the Orange County area, if only i knew someone who had there medical card i have hundreds over dollars to spend on bud. Someone answer me, thanks!:smoke:
  2. Quite easy i presume. Since its Orange county. Dont get robbed.
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    You sir, are screwed. :hello:

    real shit though, just get the bud illegally if anything.The prices might be the same(from where you live), but you will be get top notch shit with a legit name. Cali is the baby Amsterdam.
  4. Yeah its reallly not hard to come across,
    But finding a medical patient to buy from wouldn't be too bad ;)
  5. Yea i got my MMJ rec. You should just get one while youre here. Its like 40 bucks.
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    More like the cousin of Amsterdam
    Calis got bomb shit too
  7. Thanks for the replies, i probably would find someone with their card ill just let them get a free gram.
  8. its not as easy as you think in orange county, you have to go to certain spots. I'd advise hitting up long beach, drive up Ocean Blvd, Cherry ave and if you want a really sweet spot to chill and smoke while seeing the whole county go to skyline drive. Magnificant scene there. its like a 20 minute drive from the OC on a day with no traffic.(don't start traveling cross county at 5:00, you'll be driving for a good 2 hours just to get to L.A.). If you can't travel that far, try huntington beach. A lot of stoners hang out where all the shops are just be a brave sole and ask the group of dudes playing hacky sack where weed's at. If you got the money, someone has the weed. Prices shouldn't run you more than $50 an eight. Living there for 20 years, i never paid more than $50 a slice. Last time i visited (2 years ago) it took me a week to find weed! when i did though i spent 2 hours with a friend passed out in a rental car in the parking lot of the south coast plaza lol. I got a hold of some God's Gift and it hit me like a ton of bricks after being weedless for almost a week! we smoked a blunt eagerly, passed out for 2 hours in the car, woke up went back to the friends house i was staying at and slept for another 7 hours. woke up at 2am, wanting to go out but then realizing all the bars are closing. (they close at 4am where i live). ANYWAYS, good luck in your search! I'll be back for another visit in July, but this time i got my bud connects covered lol.
  9. Orange county suuucksss good luck
  10. Is it hard to score weed in San Francisco? I'm going for a few days next week. Also any good pool halls around?
  11. I live in los Angeles and its a bud mine out here but I don't know about the OC.
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    I laughed.

    I know there are hash bars and shit in the beach towns. Some of them you can get your recommendation at the same damn place. It's probably a more expensive way to go though.

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