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Going to Cali? Where to score some?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 5cooby Doo, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Hello! So I may be going to Cali to visit some cousins in a month or two. Now being a daily toker, I don't know what I'm going to do when I get there?:confused:

    I don't plan to smuggle anything in the airport, absolutely not. Maybe a brownie before leaving my house.

    But when I'm there for a week or two, I know I'm going to need 420! Can I "buy" a medical card? :rolleyes::cool: Easier way? I'm not trying to "make a scene or get arrested" in cali.

  2. Go to Venice and ask anyone. Literally anyone. Even cops will know where to buy bud Down there
  3. Sup man, I'm from Cali, to get your medical card you need a California drivers liscense or state ID card, so maybe one of your cousins could do it, cuz thats all you need and it's really easy I'm 18 and I got mine in 5 mins, it cost like 60 bucks. After that you can go straight to a collective. It all just depends on where you are and what's around you, you feel me? Idk about doctors, you'll have to look that up when you get there, but I know there's dispensaries and delivery services all over the state so you should be good.
  4. Give us more information like where in California, where are you staying, what will you be doing and maybe I could help you..

    No, you cannot get a medical card regardless of being 18+ your required to have a California state license or Utility Bill, something to show residency (I sadly experienced this before I moved here on a vacation to LA.)
  5. [quote name='"GodGaveUsWeed"']Go to Venice and ask anyone. Literally anyone. Even cops will know where to buy bud Down there[/quote]

    Haha so true!!! Back before I had my card, me and the homie went down there and asked around and got hooked up with some dank from this chill ass homeless guy
  6. damn wish atl had mmj
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    In Cali you're not really gonna get in trouble if you get caught buying weed, you could even accidentally ask an undercover and all they could possibly do is give you a $100 ticket and that's even unlikely. Ask anyone anywhere where to find bud and you're good.
  8. It's a relief I don't have to be worried about getting "caught" in Cali! I'm going to be visiting the Sacramento area! Hopefully it will be easy to find someone. Heck I haven't even asked my cousin but he used to hang out with "the wrong kind of people" so maybe he might still no someone? LOL :smoking:
  9. That would be crazy. Atlanta dispensaries...we can only dream.

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