Going to Cali for a week...do I try to get a card or just find a friend?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by GreenMachine69, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Going out to Cali in a few weeks for the first time. I would love to buy a nice big assortment of buds, a sampler, to take back with me. I know that MMJ is supposed to be for CA residents only, not sure how closely the doctors check your information? Or do the dispensaries require a state ID? Or would I be better off just finding a trustworthy person to make the purchases for me? TIA
  2. Check webehigh.com

    Probably just better off walking down santa monica and hookin' some up on the street.
  3. no way you'll be able to get a card. if you know someone who lives there, try and get some bud from them
  4. It will be hard to not run into someone trying to sell you dank in CA.

    Just go where all the 20-somethings are, boardwalk, downtown, bars, skate parks, shouldn't be a problem whatsoever.
  5. im pretty sure you have to be a cali resident to get a card
  6. Well I'm not really looking for random dank. Have no issues getting that (grow my own). What I'd like to do is some sampling to determine what more I like beyond my limited seed stock (and compare to what I've been growing) :) Probably couldn't get a card without a fake ID? Seems those are pretty easy to get in Cali too, I'd just have to take a spanish surname? Might just hang out at the beach, smoke out and find a friend who will be helpful to my plight.
  7. Well your not going to be able to visit CA and end up buying from a medical club in a short period, just won't happen.

    Also meeting someone, and having them compromise their medical card for your good probably won't happen either.

    Theres tons of dank floating around streets of CA and 90% of it is high times centerfold shit if you look for it hard enough.

    Just my advice.

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