Going to be Living with my uncle, tell him I smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Zeb0, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Before I get started, here is some minor notes about my uncle.

    -47 years old
    -lives alone in a 1 bedroom apartment
    -smokes 2 packs of ciggs a day
    -drinks everyday from around 6pm-1am, earlier on weekends.
    -has an awesome job, makes a shitload of money, and he has no wife/gf to spend it all on so he spends it on me and my siblings when he visits.
    -hes the kind of guy whos living the best life ever.

    Now, all in all about how awesome he is..he's still my moms brother, so hes a very close relative that we talk to.

    I see him maybe...once every 4-5 months, sometimes more.
    He lives in Northern California(Silicon Valley), and his company deals with alot of interns in college. The cool thing is, there interns get paid as much as their companies technicians do in SOUTHERN california.

    Computers are my thing and have been since I was about..9 or 10 if i rememeber correctly..So ill have a fersure internship, making money, living 400 miles away from any family that i dont want knowing i smoke..

    Now my question is, while living with him while im going to college and basically working...how would i tell him i smoke? I mean ill probablly just tell him straight up, but what if he goes and tells my mom and dad or something..

    We talk about some random shit when he's drunk, and its fun as hell. I've actually gotten drunk with him when i was about 16...he bought me a 6 pack of beer and him a bottle of Jose Cuervo. Anywayss...WTF DO I DO.
  2. he got drunk with you when you were 16... He sounds chill. Ask him. He probably tokes. If not, he sounds like a pretty chill guy so he probably wont tell your mom
  3. Did he tell your mom you were drinking with him? If no, then maybe tell him.
  4. He seems like a cool uncle.
    Just tell him.
  5. If your going to be living under your uncles roof io would tell him you smoke.
  6. Tell him to buy a lb.
  7. he sounds koo enough.

    haha. just tell him bruh.
  8. Drink together and then tell him haha.
    But if he tells your family (Which he sounds cool enough not to), fuck it. You're your own man.
  9. Then ill get kicked out and have nowhere to live :[ haha
  10. You should tell him he sounds like he would be ok with it. If he says no just wait until he gets drunk.

  11. agreed :)
  12. get drunk with him and be like "so my friends were askin me if I wanted to smoke some weed with them..have you ever smoked?"

    If he says no just be like "Oh I was just wondering what it was like."

    If he says yes......well then there ya go
    come back the next day be like "Yoo we got sooooo high!"

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