Going To Be Invertebrate Hunting In Palm Desert, Ca This Week

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by smokehound, Aug 12, 2014.

  1.  Hey blades/bladies, as the title states, I'm going to be in Palm Desert this week for an overnight beetle/spider/scorpion hunt..  Im not looking for someone to smoke me out, lol dont worry.
      What I do need is a lifeline, in case I miss my bus.  If I miss my bus, or the one after, I will be stranded in the middle of the desert in extreme heat.  It would REALLY help if someone could offer me shelter and a cool drink should the weather turn ugly (chance of a storm tomorrow), or should I miss my bus- if this happens, I'll be stuck until early in the morning the next day.  
     I'll be close to rancho mirage as well, so hit me up either here or in PM.  I will update this thread live, if possible, and report back with what I find. :)

     I'm going to be in the area from 7pm, to 3am, or so.  Hit me up!  Would be awesome to know I have a blade or two there to help me if I get bit by a rattlesnake, fall and injure myself, or get shadowed by people that compulsively pick at their skin.

  2. How'd it go man?

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  3. it was terrible.

    Because nobody responded I was forced to stay around an area that was too disturbed.

    I wasted 18 bucks. But I'm going again Thursday and will be focusing on a dune.

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