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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by IceCreamKidd, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. Well Im going to be out of town for about 2 weeks and I have 2 plants that are about 8-10inches tall. I am having someone come over periodically to feed the kitten but I need a way to keep the plants hydrated. The lights are on timers but what low budget choices do I have. A drip system, sponge type thing? What, Any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. See ya when you return...have fun

  3. Can the "cat-sitter" water 'em for ya???

    Ya'll come back now, heah!! :smoking:
  4. I did the wick think. I have a bowl of water next to each plant and a wick going from the soil to the water. Lets hope there alive when i return.

    Allthough I am legal to grow in this state thanks to the medical marijuana statute, We dont want to have the lady watering the ganja. Paranoia, theft etc.

  5. I saw something in a catalog back in early spring and I also saw it at the nursery the other day. Its a plastic thing you screw on the end of a 2 liter soda bottle and then stick it in the soil. It slowly releases water into the soil as its needed. go look up the webpage for Gardner's Supply Company and you should find it there.
  6. Same soda bottle,,,hung upside down,,aquarium airline through cap,,pressure dripper on line...(think hospital IV dripper)..It does work....I've done it...lol


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