Going to be asking this girl out today, bad idea to.....

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  1. Alright so I'm having this girl who likes me and i like her come over to my house in the afternoon to watch a few horror movies.Today I plan on asking her out as well, but I'm just wondering about something.

    Is it a bad idea to do it during a movie, or should I wait till after, when lets say we are having a smoke or smoking a bowl. I'm really awkward when it comes to situations like these, so I think having something going on in the background would help make it less awkward. She knows that I'm like this and pretty shy though, so I dont think it would matter too much...

    Just wonder what ya'll think.
  2. Ask her at the end of the... date, that way if she doesn't want to, shes not obliged to say yes, or if she says no, she wont feel uncomfortable with you and the rest of your evening.
    Just say something like, "This was really fun! We should do this a lot more often" wink or something, then give her a big tight hug. She'll know wassup
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    Yea that's very true but I think it's passed that stage... We've hung out everyday fo the pass maybe week or so, and each day we ask if the other is down to hangout the next day. So it looks like the next step is to ask her to be my girlfriend...
    We hold hands when walking down the street, every time I drop her off at her house she gives me a kiss.

    But you do have a good idea about asking her at the end... The only problem is people are coming over to my house later on in the evening for a party, and this girl is going to be her. I don't want ot ask her when other people are around.

    EDIT: Does, "Hey you know that I really like you, so I hope you don't mind me asking if you want to date/go out with each other."

    Anyone think that sounds too corny? :laughing:
  4. Oh, well, then you have nothing to worry about my man! Ask her to talk in private at some point in the night, and tell her that you want to be more than friends, which it already seems is so, but telling her and allowing her to comment on it makes it more official which you seemingly are desiring. It sounds like this girl feels the same way about you as you do her, but with a lot of girls they will wait for the man to progress the relationship, in every aspect. She's probably just as stomach-knotted as you are, except shes been that way ever since she knew that she liked you, and you're stomach-knotted because you're nervous to make the next move. You can be as corny as you like, as smooth as you like, either way it wont matter.

    In case, for whatever reason, she doesn't want to be dating, just make it clear that you really like her and don't want to see anyone else, and you like the way things are progressing between you two, that way she still has room to turn the boyfriend/girlfriend aspect down, and still be able to be the same way around you without feeling weird. But the key at this point is communication, because from the sound of it you both feel the same way, you just need to be more open about your feelings with this girl, as does she. If you open up, even a little, she'll pour it on you.

    Good luck bro!

  5. Good advice all around man, I appreciate it. Yea I get the feeling she knows I want to be more than friends, but I want to make it official yenno? Yea I get the impression we are both nervous about telling the other how we really feel, cause she even said she was when I told her I like her. But in all honesty, I feel like that's kind of a good thing as we are both on the same headspace, which is fucking fantastic.

    Very true, I do want to open up to this girl because I feel like I can tell her anything, and I've told her a lot of shit already that I wouldn't dare tell another person, and she's totally ok with it :eek:

    At this point I'm mainly worried about when to ask and how to ask, as I feel she will say yes.... Although I'm not 100% sure as she got out of a relationship pretty recetnly.
  6. It actually sounds unnecessary....it sounds like ur dating lol which means that what ur trying to do is nothing more than a social formality. If u continue behaving in that vein it is pretty clear that she is your girlfriend IMO :hello:

    Edit: Oh, I didn't read ur last post about wanting to make it official. Well, if u feel the need to do that I would go with "Hey....I think u already know how I feel about you. If you feel the same way, how would u feel about being my girlfriend?"
  7. What happened to the chick with a boyfriend??
  8. ..dont wink at her like dude said :laughing:

    but yea, wait till the end of the date so she dont feel awkward if she wants to say no..

    or just do it like a normal human being and text it to her;)
  9. I'd personally ask her out after smoking a bowl. I'm much more relaxed and confident when I'm stoned, and it'd be easier to laugh off if she ended up rejecting you. I think it'd be less awkward.

  10. i think this might be her...just a guess though
  11. Same girl, the BF is done.

    Yea that's true, I never really thought about it that way. But people do act like that and aren't neccesarily in a relationship.

    What you said sounds far better haha, I think I'll go along with that.
    I want to do it though so i know for a fact, and have no doubt in my mind.

    Haha of course not, that would look weird but hilarious.

    Lol I'm not so sure it's a date haha, she's just coming over to chill and watch a movie; Than hang out while I have a party here XD or maybe that is one.

    Waiting until the end does sorta seem like a good idea, but at that point I'll be walking her home absolutely blasted on multiple unmentionables, so I don't want it to seem like I'm only asking that because im really, really fucked up.
  12. My last girl i asked out during sex lol

    I was pumping, stopped, asked, she said yes and went back at it lol

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  14. Dude ignore everything else said....

    When you're fucking/right when you're done just smile and say,

    "I want you ALL to myself..."

    Girls eat that shit up.
  15. ur already holding her hand and kissing her an shit? dude ur already in and shes obviously gonna say yes and go on the date with u lol!

    Figure out where ur gonna take her and then just ask her cool like be like "Hey I've been wanting to go to the movies lately and I didn't want to go alone.. you wanna be my date?" I'm wondering why this is so hard for u because ur already there.. just instead of saying "hang out" say "date" lol

    If you wanna take her out to dinner or some shit and get fancy just figure out where its at like lets say olive garden and then ask her "Hey I know this great place that serves the BEST bread sticks.. you wanna go on date with me to the place?" and then just surprise her that its olive garden.. u dont HAVE to know some special restaurant just take one of the things u like from there and say u like it.. tell her the place or dont tell her and make it a surprise.. either way ur asking her out.. I just find it easier to ask out a girl by inviting her to do something along with me that I'm already going to do or make it seem like shes just kinda tagging along in my own awesome adventures and shes just welcome to come.. makes things a lot less weird
  16. Update: Fuck yea blades, she said yes. :hello: :smoke:
    I had her over at my house with a homie yesterday, and we were watching It. Me and her go outside to have a smoke, and she was telling me about how she's happy she met me. I was very intoxicated and decided to ask her out. At first she was like "Are you serious?!" but in a really happy way, you could tell she was surpised but excited than said yes.

  17. Good shit man glad it worked out for you.
  18. Thanks bro, I'm happy as well. :hello:
  19. Good looks man! happy for you, if only the girl im into was into me like that too... or is she, fuck.

  20. Just tell her how you feel man, you never know how it will turn out.
    TBH, I only told her because her friend told me how my girl felt about me. In all honestly I probably wouldn't have done it otherwise. But do it! Trust me bro you got nothing to lose.

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