Going to be a great day.

Discussion in 'General' started by PunchingZebra, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Waiting on my McBrozile to get to my place then going to pick up 2oz's of some hash my dew wants us to try going to be a nice day and a high one at that...:smoke:
  2. good to see you finally putting out some positive vibes! Enjoy!
  3. hahaha thanks man!
  4. Until the fuckin' Marijuana Ninja's show up...Swingin' their fuckin' swords and throwin' stars at ya, yeah, great day up until those fuckers crash the party.:cool:
  5. sweet! dont smoke it all in one sitting :)
  6. Well luckily ive planned for that i have andy dick in the trunk to scare them off...:cool:

    Oh trust me i wont i probably wont even get two gs smoked in one sitting dude hash is intense..
  7. The ole Andy Dick trick, eh?

    This guy has it all covered here...I barricaded myself in as soon as I heard news that those fuckers were on the loose, fuckin' Marijuana Ninja's ain't gettin' through my shit.:cool:

  8. One thing few blades dont know about me, ill fuck a JANE NINJA up of course with andy dick by my side as a slight deterrent...
  9. I'm a ninja :cool:

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