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Going to be a fun weekend

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoner420Chick, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I'm picking up an OZ tomorrow night. Most I've ever gotten at once. I gotta try to make it last a little while though, its pretty tough finding stuff around here these days, I gotta go 45 min out of my way to a college friends city to get it. It's just mids, but I havent been smoking regularly because of financial reasons and I can now, so it's gonna be nice.

    So tomorrow's pay day. I might head over to the headshop after work and pick up some papers and stuff. I'm thinking about getting a small bub...not this week, but I'll definitely be on the look for one while I'm there.

    I also have the house to myself all weekend, which is awesome. I'll be able to wake and bake and stuff right in my room with no worries. I'm thinking of also making some edibles. But I've got some questions on that.

    If I make brownies Saturday morning, how long will it smell? Will the pans I use reak? I'm thinking of using around a quarter of mids and making a batch. How potent should I expect them..keep in mind I've got no tolerance. If I do end up making them I plan on saving most of them for times where it's hard for me to toke since I live with my parents. Will they lose much potency if kept wrapped up in tinfoil in a cool dark spot?

    I haven't done too much as far as looking into them. I'm definitely going to be reading some threads and recipes and stuff later.

    Also, any other edibles that you guys feel are better than brownies or anything, let me know. I just need to make sure that the house doesn't smell for long. I plan on cooking some non-THC food after so that it hides the smell.
  2. You would probably want to use a 1/2. The smell will clear up within 12 hours, and the pans will be fine after you wash them. From my memory, they do not reak of ganja. They won't lose potency, I think you can even refrigerate them.
  3. It will stank of MJ.
  4. when i baked a batch of brownies, it was close to no smell. just the faint smell of green which fades away within a few hours.

    id be worried about saving them, they could possibly get moldy and shit.

    and yeah the pans are fine....

    oh yeah and congrats on the weed, theres nothing like having a large quantity, haha just the security to know youll have alot more to smoke after this bowl.

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