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Going to Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by awesomeo, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Hey guys its been a while since I've been on here but I'm glad I'm back.

    I'm planning my spring break right now and I have decided that I will be going to Amsterdam from March 18 - 22.

    I was curious to see if any of the seasoned tokers have been there and if they have any advice or places I have to go.
  2. from the burgh to the dam. man that sure is a step up in life.

    good luck and have fun.
  3. Be sure to visit:

    The Greenhouse
    De Dampkring

    Those are 3 coffeeshops located in the redlightdistrict.
    Their all in thesame street!

    De Dampking is my favorite coffeeshop.. A scene of Ocean's 12 is shot there btw :p
    They even sell ''Ocean's 12 Haze'' there..

    Check it out & have fun!
    And say hi to me if u see me chillin at De Dampkring :smoking:
  4. My advice is to smoke as much herb as you possible can!! Blaze til you drop then blaze some more. :bongin:
    Have a trippin' trip.
  5. Ahaha for sure guys. Currently I am studying in Rome, Italy so it will be a nice break to hang out there for awhile.

    I geuss you can call it a huge t-break until I get there, at home I am a daily smoker but since I've been over here I havent had a chance to smoke in 23 days!
  6. make sure you go to the grey area coffe shop and smoke some chocolope
  7. As said above:

    Hit the Greenroom`s White Widow. You`ll thank me later!

    - I got lost from my friends (surprisingly easy to do when you`re smoking high grade ALL day in the Dam) and stumbled back into that coffee shop, bought some widow, ordered a coffee, skinned up and shared my j with a dude next to me at the bar. Had a laugh and walked out feeling triple A for ace. I thought at that time:
    "That must be how drinkers feel everytime they go out and share their love of alcohol, LEGALLY, with complete strangers.":hello:
  8. I never plan to go to specific coffeeshops. I just like to walk around and stumble upon them. Amsterdam is a great city to get lost in.
  9. Thanks guys. My buddies and I are staying at a hostel right in the red light district, its called the Heart of Amsterdam.

    I know some of my time will be spent in coffee shops, but do you guys know of any museums that are sweet?
  10. If you dig art, the Rijksmuseum has an impressive range of Vermeers and Rembrandts, two incredible painters, as well as an impressive range of other artists. Also, there is the Van Gogh gallery that is meant to be pretty awesome. Still, so much legal weed...
  11. weed and hookers... i would advise both at the same time, a lot of people never get to experience it.

    but mainly just smoke smoke and smooookkkkeeee
  12. i was planning a similar trip but i'm going to the cannibus cup, i was wondering the same thing but about hotels that are in the red light district. any input will help nicely:D.
  13. I just returned from Amsterdam 2 days ago and can also highly recommend the Chocolope. I tried it in a nice little coffeeshop called "The Green Place" also located quite close to the Red Light District.
    I was shopping seeds in the DNA genetics store, and the hot girl behind the couter said we could try out a large selection of DNA genetics skunk at The Green Place, which was defenitely worth a visit :smoking:

  14. get a gram of their equatorial haze too.... it's mad expensive, like 16 euro a gram, but it's well worth it. It's a pure sativa... smoke it first thing in the morning and you'll have an awesome day...

    check out Lost in Amsterdam, it's not a coffeeshop, but a hookah bar where they'll take your weed and put it in the hookah along with some shisha... excellent place, covered in cushions... right on the main shopping street Nieuwendijk close to central station.

    Abraxas is always a fun stop, and they have cheap internet too (1 euro per hour) and some nice green and funky foods

    peace and have a good time... and you may run into me that weekend! I'll be showing some buddies around the Dam that same weekend

  15. The Green Place and Barney's were my favorite spots. Greenhouse was a little too crowded for my taste and the people were kinda rude. I like a more chill environment.

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