Going to Amsterdam, should i practice?

Discussion in 'General' started by thezool, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. i go to amsterdam on the 1st april, which is only 10 days away! :D:D:D

    so my tolerance is fairly low, i used to smoke nearly every day but now i only occasionally vape. i vaped an 8th over the past week, but i don't do that every week. smoking joints now gets me royally fucked up.

    is it worth doing some practice before i go? i don't wanna end up pulling a whitey after my first joint. is the bud over there strong?
  2. once you get there just start slow and slowly smoke more til you get to your desried level of highness so you dont get to fucked up and pass out :p and have fun :smoke:
  3. depends on your budget, if you can afford the euros that you want to spend than plz do. go ahead and fire your tolerance up ( pun intended) However i think ur only allowed 5 grams in each coffee shop so really keep ur tolerance and the mid range. The potent assortments of weed weed WILL fuck u up, tolerance or none.
  4. Well, I doubt that your going to white out on your first joint if you've been smoking for a while.. I'd say just smoke how you usually do and you'll be fine man.

    Just when your in the netherlands smoke how you would usually do and when you feel yourself coming to your limit than take a break.. simple as that bro ;)
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    Amsterdam no longer allows tourists to purchase in coffee shops. If you can find another way to score though by all means, just a heads up.
  6. thanks for the replies, fuck i'm so excited lol. am i really going, this isn't just a joke is it? :D

    and Wu Zi, that's not true.
  7. Most certainly is, ban started on January 1st.
  8. coffeeshopdirect.info

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv25LgjgTMc]The Weed Pass - Are Tourists Banned from Coffeeshops in Amsterdam? - YouTube[/ame]

  9. [quote name='"Wu Zi"']Amsterdam no longer allows tourists to purchase in coffee shops. If you can find another way to score though by all means, just a heads up.[/quote]

    This... Idk why people rave about Amsterdam..
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    umm.. most certainly isn't my friend I live here and tourists all over the country are still buying weed in coffeeshops.. I'm an american and I just got some of just that :D

    Me neither, they should be raving about other better cities in Holland.

    Well.. too bad I live here. I'm right..

    In fact, I went to Amsterdam not a month ago and got some glorious weed.

    EDIT: and thats it.. this is the last time that I'm answering this question. So many people think that its banned now when it isn't I'm just going to ask SuperJoint to make a sticky thread on this.
  12. "The measures will come into force in the rest of the country - including Amsterdam - in January 2013.

    Read more: Dutch cannabis coffee shops will have to ban tourists from January 1 after new ruling | Mail Online"
    It helps if you not only post your links, but read them as well.
  13. I doubt it will work man.. they try shit like this every year.

    Its just the EU trying to bully holland into getting rid of its policy on marijuana.
    ^one of the reasons holland should gtfo of the EU
  14. No, I doubt it too. I was just pointing out that the article he linked said that you'd need a weed pass in Amsterdam from January 2013, not 2012.

  15. Doesn't mean your right either.. And if Yahoo Answers isn't a reliable source, the Daily Mail sure as hell isn't haha, get it right. Personally I can never see this happening, it would put the local government and EU out of a big chunk of pocket and what would end up happening is folk would just go into the coffeeshops, buy whatever the tourist is wanting and sell it to them on the street. Just the EU trying to throw it's weight around but I highly doubt it'll come to fruition and sincerely hope it doesn't.

    To the OP, go and have a blast dude, I'd prefer to go over on a low tolerance just to get royally fried and examine each of the buds to their full potential, but that's just me. My advice would be to not restrict yourself to just the coffeeshops but go and explore all the city has to offer: Van Gough museum, cannabis museum, canal ride, hire some bikes (on that note watch out on getting run over, can be pretty hectic at times especially when really really stoned lmao :p), check out some of the many parks, Heineken factory tour etc. Hope you have a good trip mate!

  16. On that note, explore more of the country. Holland has much more to offer than just Amsterdam and train transportation is relatively cheap and will take you anywhere you want.

    No, under the new law, even those with weed passes would only be allowed to get something like 5 grams a day, so no one will really want to get any substantial amounts of weed for tourists.
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    where can you recommend? we're staying in the bulldog hotel which i think is near the centre. can you get trams from there to any decent places?

    edit: just read your last post, i'll do that. i'm only there for 4 days, so i'll see if my mate wants to travel out of the city for a day.

    definitely gunna check out the museums, too.
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    Well, the Bulldog hotel is in the middle of the center of Amsterdam. In the middle of the coffeeshops and just around the corner from the red light district.

    Well, you wouldn't be taking a tram to get to other cities. However you could consider picking a day where you go to another city to sample the weed and chill. You would have to take a train there, but the trains are very simple to use and relatively cheap. The train station is also in the center so its very close to your hotel.

    There are lots of great cities in Holland but if your not looking to go too far away from Amsterdam I'd recommend The Hague, and since its nice weather, the beach there, Scheveningen.

    Its really nice to go to a coffeeshop, get some weed and go chill on the beach or the sand dunes that are also there if its nice weather. You'd have to take a tram from the central station in The Hague to get there, I believe tram 2 its says Scheveningen on the tram itself.

    You could also go to Zandtvoort with public transportation and thats very close to Amsterdam but I think that would be a little bit complicated if your new to the country and its a smaller village with only one coffeeshop, so if you went there you're better off bringing some weed from Amsterdam.

    If your willing to go further than that theres Utrecht and Rotterdam which are both great cities for weed and nightlife. Trains also run very late in Holland till around 1 in the morning, so you can stay there till basically as late as you want.

    EDIT: if you choose to go to rotterdam let me know and I'll tell you about the better coffeeshops to go to there, and I can recommend some strains if u want. I live 10 minutes away by train and have friends in the city so I'm there semi-regularly haha :p
  19. thanks man for the suggestions! given me some inspiration, sounds worth venturing from amsterdam to break up the holiday a bit or i can imagine it'll get a bit boring lol

    probably go to rotterdam, so yea some suggestions would be cool. :D how long does the train take from amsterdam to rotterdam, do you know? do i need to book a ticket in advance?

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