Going to Air Force BMT in 2 weeks...

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  1. I can't remember if their was a thread started thats similar to this one so I apologize. But I signed up for the air force a few months ago with my best friend and now I leave for basic training aka boot camp in 2 weeks. And to be honest I am scared as fuck. Like terrified. Not trying to sound like a pussy, but my best friend graduated from it less than a week ago and told me how shitty it is.

    The words from his mouth were "Basically when you get there you will hate your life. But you hate your life for such a long time that it becomes normal. You don't really remember what it's like to not hate your life. You accept that you are a piece of shit and are always wrong and as the weeks go by you get better at doing stuff. No matter what you do you are always wrong, always. Even if you are right, you're wrong. You think it is never going to end and pretty much accept the fact that you will be stuck in boot camp forever and you will never get out. It was 2 days before graduation and I thought that it was just a dream and I would wake up again and still be here. Never leaving."

    And wow....thats incredibly scary. I can only imagine what a marine would have to go through. The fact that I will endure all that is unfathomable at this point. The only thing I can be thankful for is the fact that I know all this before hand and was not blindsided like he was. He said tech school is just like college and the coolest thing ever. So I guess i gotta endure hell before I can get to heaven. But fuck....this is going to suck a big fat dick. I cant even imagine. I wake up each day knowing life will be over soon lol.

    So anyways. Anyone else who went into the service? And for the record I dont want a bunch of trolls talking about how evil I am for killing people. I'm not going to be killing anybody. I am going to be working at a computer for my job. So chill.
  2. You''l be a better person after it, builds character. DO IT

  3. I am. I'm not going to pussy out of that. I need this for a better life. But the idea of hating my life for 2 months puts a shitty feeling in my stomach either way. Oh well. I'll be out July 15th so it shouldnt be too long :hello:
  4. Just watch restepo...
  5. Air force isn't bad from what I've seen but fuck all the bullshit I would never support this country for the fact nothing has been done for me except slowly kill my rights (experienced first hand with POLICE) plus the pay is terrible, thank god for benefits
  6. i feel you man im going to basic for the Navy in about 3 months..not really looking forward to it
  7. Dude I was in a crazy program where i had to run 8 miles and canoe 180 miles in 2 weeks. Youll be fine even this big ass kid complete everything. BUT I have a question for everyone. When do they drug test you for this shit. I know you have to wait awhile but do they continuously test you or what???

    its was a 30 day program where we did all types of shit but youll be fine either way if thats what you want to do with your life.
  8. basic isnt that bad. as long as you can put up with the drill instructors yelling at you, you'll be fine. the biggest ruse the military has is making people think that bootcamp is going to be the hardest thing you'll ever have to do in your life, when in fact, its designed so that pretty much everyone has the physical ability to do it. just be mentally tough, do what the instructors say when they say it, and you'll be fine.
  9. Don't be scared you'll do fine. I mean after all your pussy ass friend made it through (Just Kidding). They will mess with your head and scream and yell at you. Just stay calm and take it seriously, but with a grain of salt. If they see you are giving a 100% they will back off a bit.

    Consider it this way; they have 100's of young men and women coming from a great divisity, race, income, cultural experiences etc. They want to break down these differences and get you all on the same page. Keep your mind open, not everyone in the US thinks and acts like they do in your neighborhood.

    If they ask for a volunteer for "Laundry Queen" jump on it. Initially it may not sound cool, but while everyone else is cleaning the dorms, you will be down by the phones, vending machines, etc chilling out while the laundry is doing it's thing.

    Best wishes to you, you can do it. :smoke:
  10. thanks man. Appreciate it greatly. My friend said there was a guy who was caught talking to a girl and the MTI said "are you talking to females!? well i want you to talk to my favorite female mother earth!" He had to do push ups and made him say hello mother earth and goodbye mother earth every time he went down and up. He made him do this until he said stop and the MTI just went off and ate lunch lol....like wow....I gotta make sure to avoid shit like that.
  11. I almost made it through Basic without a negative (AF form 314?) then one day with a short notice for PT, i couldn't stash my class ring in time. I put it in my pt shorts and sure enough, while doing push-ups a TI walked by right as the ring fell out of my pocket. :eek: (This was many years ago, 75). :D
  12. dont have such a negative outlook and of course it would be terrible because you are starting at a private. I plan on going to the air force academy or doing an ROTC program so i start as a lieutenant, BTW people in the air force have better quality of life than the army and navy so they have it worse than you do...

  13. Yeah im sure i will be used to it after the first 2 horrible weeks. But the adjustment and sudden change is something im not looking forward to. Its gonna be tough as fuck.

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